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Viva! The Law

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If you have ever tried to read through the Bible in order before, you have probably debated quitting only a few books in. Beyond the lists of names that you can hardly pronounce, there are so many (613 to be exact) rules, regulations and laws that can be really overwhelming, and honestly, pretty weird. More than the laws that just feel like they were beyond common sense, many seem completely outdated for us today, and yet, we’re supposed to do what the Bible says, right? What do we do with all these laws?

Viva! The Law invites you into a discussion to explore what the point of the laws in the Jewish Scriptures were getting at and how it connects to our lives today. The first few weeks will look at this topic from the Old Testament perspective and where the laws came from and how we should understand how the Bible works. The last week will explore the law from a New Testament perspective and look at what Jesus says about the law. Specifically, we will look at the following:

Week 1: What is the Law For?

Week 2: What Do We Do with the Weird Ones?

Week 3: What About the Contradicting Ones?

Week 4: What About Jesus?

About Viva

Includes 4 lessons, instructions, and two slide templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, MediaShout, ProPresenter or another display system.

Viva is a series of short, downloadable, curriculum resources. Whether you are looking for a last minute lesson plan or  ideas to add into your teaching, Viva is designed for youth workers leading the revolution.

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