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Viva: Passion



  • The Entry –  Jesus begins his final week of life by riding into Jerusalem during Passover and announcing his reign as King… on a donkey. How did Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem show him to be far more than just a humble man willing to ride on a donkey, but as a King who was subverting the expectations of the powerful and peasant alike?
  • The Temple This lesson will explore the temple culture, Jesus’s reaction to it and how we can allow him to “turn things over” in our lives.
  • The Curtain This lesson will continue our look at the last week of Christ’s life and specifically key in on the tearing of the temple curtain after his death. The temple, and more specifically the Holy of Holies, was where God dwelled, where heaven met earth. The curtain separating us from God came down so we all can experience and participate in heaven meeting earth without barrier.
  • The Mission – Betrayal, violence, death and disappointment. What a way for the last week of Jesus’s life to wrap up. But then Jesus comes back- with more power and authority than ever. This lesson will look at how the resurrected Jesus chose not to confront his enemies, but to spend the time to find his followers, put his arm around them and bring them back into his mission. The same mission we get to participate in today. 

How to Use Viva

We wrote this curriculum for those of us who might have been given a last minute assignment to lead a group. If you can put your hands on the supplies you should be able to walk in and teach this lesson with minimal prep. But you don’t have to wait to the last minute either. All groups benefit from preparation. So take some time, if you have it, to read through the lesson before you meet.

Each of these lessons can be led in different ways. Please be sensitive to your group. You might have a group that really wants to dig into an idea, or you might have a group that just needs to hear the basic truth. You get to decide that as you meet.

Finally, please feel free to discard any of this content to stay in your group’s context. The best curriculum for your group is you, caring for them as they get to know God.

Viva is Alive

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