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The Bible tells us that because of what Jesus did on the cross, choosing to follow Christ makes us new creations. In other words, our faith isn’t supposed to lead to surface level changes that are temporary, but instead deeply rooted changes that go all the way to the core of who we really are. Practically speaking though, the way that God views us as a completely new creation takes more time for us to grasp and live out. For many Christians, we focus our efforts of growth on our behaviors – doing “good” Christian things – yet that only adds to the struggle of temporarily being the creations that Christ has declared that we are. Instead, lasting change comes when we rewire the way we think about ourselves to fully align with the way that God sees us. 

Viva! New You explores the truth of being new creations in the eyes of Christ and looks at ways that we can begin to see ourselves the way Jesus does. Changes in our lives aren’t about being a “good” Christian, but instead bearing the image of Christ that we have already been given and living out that image to bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Specifically, we will look at the following:

Week 1: New Creation

Week 2: Repent

Week 3: Adopted 

Week 4: Listening and Doing

About Viva

Includes 4 lessons, instructions, and two slide templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, MediaShout, ProPresenter or another display system.

Viva is a series of short, downloadable, curriculum resources. Whether you are looking for a last minute lesson plan or  ideas to add into your teaching, Viva is designed for youth workers leading the revolution.

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