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Viva: Known



Viva — Known

  • Disciples of John – To know and be known may seem like a simple concept, but it’s one we rarely allow ourselves to fully accomplish. Vulnerability, compassion and truth always sound like the right values to live into with our friends and neighbors but we often resort to the comfort of gossip, video games or locker room talk. In this Viva! series, your students will get a chance to learn of the character and mission of Jesus through his conversations with those around him; through his desire to know and be known.
    Expectations are a tricky thing, especially when it comes to our faith. What if we don’t feel it the same at camp this year as last? What if the Jesus I knew in 1st Grade feels a bit more complicated now? What if my parent’s faith didn’t turn out to be what I expected? Through this lesson your students have an opportunity to learn what it means to know and be known while looking at the vulnerability of John the Baptist’s disciples as they asked, “Are you the one… or should we expect someone else?” and the truth and compassion of Jesus’s response to their question.
  • Man of Bethesda – We all have things in our life that we try to keep in the dark, things we don’t want to be known about us. Whether it’s sins, failures, or parts of our life we just aren’t proud of- we all have stuff we’d rather not deal with out in the open. What would happen if we allowed ourselves to truly be made well through Jesus? Would it be easy? Would it be scary? Would it even be better? In this lesson your students will have an opportunity to look at the conversation Jesus had with the invalid at the healing pool of Bethesda while wrestling with what it means to truly allow Jesus to make us well.
  • Who is the Greatest – What does it mean to be great? Does it mean we achieve “great” things like perfect grades, varsity sports, high paying jobs and having a family so cute we get used as the example photo in picture frames? Deep down we all have the desire to be a part of something that matters, something that is great- and that’s a good thing! Especially if our greatness can line up with what Jesus defines as great. In this lesson your students will look at the conversation Jesus had with his disciples when they asked, “which of (us) would be the greatest?” What does it mean to be great and who gets to be a part of bringing Jesus’s mission to our world?
  • Peter – Having a conversation with the living Jesus would have been an intensely awesome experience. Having a conversation with the resurrected Jesus would have been all kinds of mind-blowingly awesome. But what if that conversation with the living and resurrected Jesus happened just a short time after you publicly betrayed him? What could you say after screwing up so badly? Would there be hope or just shame? In this lesson you students will have an opportunity to learn what it means to by their peers while looking at the conversation Jesus had with Peter post-resurrection; a conversation of questions, answers, forgiveness and mission.

How to Use Viva

We wrote this curriculum for those of us who might have been given a last minute assignment to lead a group. If you can put your hands on the supplies you should be able to walk in and teach this lesson with minimal prep. But you don’t have to wait to the last minute either. All groups benefit from preparation. So take some time, if you have it, to read through the lesson before you meet.

Each of these lessons can be led in different ways. Please be sensitive to your group. You might have a group that really wants to dig into an idea, or you might have a group that just needs to hear the basic truth. You get to decide that as you meet.

Finally, please feel free to discard any of this content to stay in your group’s context. The best curriculum for your group is you, caring for them as they get to know God.

Viva is Alive

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