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Viva: Jonah

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Was it a whale or a “great fish”? It doesn’t matter. What matters about Jonah is that it’s the clever story of a somewhat burned out prophet who has lost his motivation to follow God’s leading along with his desire to see anyone actually respond to God’s message!

This VIVA! Series will have your youth unpacking Jonah’s attitudes and motivation for reflection on their own opportunities to participate in kingdom work as they follow him through:

  • Week 1: Trouble! Jonah hears from God and makes a town line dash, only to endanger a boatload of innocent sailors.
  • Week 2: Time Out: Jonah finds himself in the penalty box with plenty of time to think.
  • Week 3: Trabajo (that’s “work” in Spanish): Jonah finally gets down to business. Sort of.
  • Week 4: Temper Tantrum: Jonah’s true self emerges, revealing the reality of his attitude toward honoring God with his life.

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