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Viva! Job

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In many ways, Job is a completely unsatisfying book. In its brilliant poetry, the book pits two extremes up against one another and entertains a thought experiment for the ages: imagine if an extremely righteous person experiences extremely horrible suffering. The majority of the book portrays attempts to reconcile these extremes and provide an answer to why suffering happens. Towards the end, God personally responds to the question, and yet doesn’t actually give an answer. Ultimately, approaching the book of Job looking for a clear and simple answer to why suffering happens will leave you wanting for more. Instead, Job gives us insights into how we should face suffering when it comes.

Viva! Job will explore the book of Job, and more specifically will discuss three important aspects of how we should respond to suffering when we face it in our lives.

Over four weeks, we will look at the following:

Week 1: Book Overview 

Week 2: Being Real with Our Pain

Week 3: Seeking Wisdom

Week 4: Surrendering to Faith

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