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We’re supposed to be on the good team as Christians, right? Then why do we so often have to remind ourselves (or be reminded!) of what “living like Jesus” really looks like in this world?

This VIVA! Series will walk down that road a little as it unpacks one of the most familiar verses from the minor prophets of scripture, Micah 6:8:

Week 1: Act Justly—what’s the least the rest of the world should be able to count on from Christians?

Week 2: Love Mercy—what does it look like for us to step across the line of “least required”?

Week 3: Walk Humbly—how can we reshape the way we participate in public conversation, especially when we disagree?

Week 4: With God—what’s the point in doing all of this, anyway?

About Viva

Includes 4 lessons, instructions, and two slide templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, MediaShout, ProPresenter or another display system.

Viva is a series of short, downloadable, curriculum resources. Whether you are looking for a last minute lesson plan or  ideas to add into your teaching, Viva is designed for youth workers leading the revolution.

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