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By David & Kathy Lynn

A suite of resources to strengthen your congregation’s homes

• Strengthens your youth ministry partnership with the home.

• Provides a congregation with a complete family ministry package.

• Employs youth and adult volunteers in partnership to plan, 
implement, and gauge progress.

• Offers parents/grandparents five faith disciplines that they can regularly practice with their children and teenagers at home or in the car (Five Faith Promises: Prayer-Bible Reading-Faith Conversations-Acts of Service-Shared Mealtimes & Other Rituals/Traditions).

• Gives youth workers an easy-to-do marriage ministry.

• Provides youth workers with a ministry to their teenagers’ grandparents.

• Encourages parents and grandparents to pass on their faith rather than rely only on the congregation (the drop-off mentality).

• Energizes faith beyond the walls of a congregation’s buildings.

• Engages marginally connected families more fully to your congregation.

• Attracts and engages new families immediately.

• Gives parents and grandparents the skills they need to strengthen their families in Christ.

• Encourages collaboration between youth, children’s and adult ministries. Youth ministries can have a broader and deeper impact when there is collaboration.

• Provides all materials in downloadable Web-based PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel content for easy access and use.

• Gives youth workers more job security!

This suite is packed with hundreds of ready-to-use resources. Here are some of the directions you can go!

• Parenting Faith
Empower, equip, and encourage parents to be more intentional about passing on their Christian faith to their children, including teenagers, by practicing the Five Faith Promises.

• Grandparenting Faith
Implement an effective grandparenting faith ministry …get an initiative going and growing that helps grandparents pass on their Christian faith to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

• Faith Make-n-Takes
Six quick and easy cross†generational activities that families can create in the church building to use at home. Your youth lead these activities.

• MarriagEnergizers
A MarriagEnergizers ministry provides you with resources to strengthen marriages in Christ. Your youth can partner with a married couple as they encourage couples in their marriage.

• Families Together
A monthly gathering of families (excluding December and July), including singles and seniors, who play, pray, grow, and serve together. Youth lead all the family sessions.

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