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THINK, Volume 5: Feisty Issues

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Today’s teenagers won’t accept merely being told information or the party line. They want to wrestle and explore—they want to be contributors and help develop their own set of beliefs. So rather than leave this process of exploration until their young adult years, a time when many of them will have left the church, what if we purposefully came alongside our teens and helped them explore and own their beliefs while they’re still teenagers? That’s what THINK is all about.

THINK, Volume 5: Feisty Issues provides space and guidance for thoughtful, nuanced, and biblically-grounded conversations about six topics: pro-life, guns, war, race, gender, and politics. THINK is different from other curriculums because the goal is not to teach teens the correct answers. Instead, the intention is to invite your youth into a discussion with Christ, the Bible, and other people (including their peers, leaders, and parents) that will result in the best sort of spiritual wrestling match.

We can’t continue to spoon-feed our youth the answers they “need” to survive college or be a good person. Instead, we have to make the shift toward helping them own biblically informed views and opinions and theology, especially in regard to their personal identities. THINK will deepen and personalize teens’ faith and give them the tools and resources they need to engage themselves and others from a biblical perspective.

THINK, Volume 5: Feisty Issues includes:
A detailed overview of how to use THINK
6 lessons that each contain—
A leader’s guide with a list of resources and Scripture passages you can use to prepare
Sample emails to parents
Social media blurbs to promote the identity questions with your teenagers
Multiple options to start and end each lesson
Thorough discussion guides with multiple questions and resources for each Scripture and subtopic

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Jake Kircher has been working with teens, families, and adults for nearly twenty years as a pastor, consultant, writer, and speaker. He has been involved with local, regional, and national organizations in various capacities including speaking, communications, writing, social media, and web design. His work has appeared in Youth Worker Journal, Group Magazine, Immerse Journal, and Relevant Magazine, and he has published numerous books including Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World. Jake is married to Melissa, and they have two kids: Sean and Nora.

Creative Director: Jo March

Copyright: Jake Kircher

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