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The Picture Book Guide to Youth Ministry

Simple Lessons on Reaching Teens, Sustaining Your Soul, and Avoiding Ministry Meltdowns

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When you see the world of youth ministry–what you do and why you do it–in a new light, it gives you fresh passion. It helps you persevere through ministry struggles and clarifies your sense of direction. All youth workers, and particularly rookies and volunteers, need a reminder of who they are as youth workers. The Picture Book Guide to Youth Ministry is all about perspective: The best way to grow a healthy ministry is to be a healthy youth worker.  Rather than having an emphasis on doing a lot of stuff in ministry, this book focuses youth workers on being the right person for ministry. With this fresh perspective you’ll gain insight, encouragement, and practical direction needed to better influence the lives of students.

Using a bunch of cheesy childlike illustrations, The Picture Book Guide to Youth Ministry gives youth workers foundational lessons on reaching teens, sustaining their souls, and avoiding ministry meltdowns.

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Paul Records

Paul Records is a licensed minister, curriculum writer, and teacher at The Pentecostals of Lafayette in Lafayette, LA. He served students for six years as an intern, volunteer, and youth pastor. He also worked with the Lafayette YMCA as a site director, leading after school programs for children and youth. Paul has written a novel and currently lives and scribbles in southern Louisiana.


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