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The Old Testament: Understanding the Biblical Narrative in 44 Short Videos


Note: This product includes all Old Testament discussion guides with individual downloads of each video file. To pick and chose individual books of the Bible, go here


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Star Trek fans read every book and see every movie. Harry Potter fans pour over every world. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know every element of their inter-connected universe.

But why do Christians not know the entirety of our sacred text? Want to battle Biblical illiteracy with your students? Want to eradicate it? The first step in knowing the whole Bible is knowing what each book is and how it connects to the overall story. From the perspective of a storyteller, these videos will teach you what each book of the Bible is, what happens in it and how that connects to the overall stories of God’s promises, covenants and plan of redemption. A typical student ministry meets around 36 times during a school year. What if over the next two years you lead your teenagers thru the entire sacred codex?

Each Video comes with:

  1. A link to watch the video on Youtube
  2. A high resolution download if you want to show it on a larger screen
  3. Discussion questions for before and after the video
  4. An outline and a blurb for teaching in addition to the book
  5. Prayer prompts
  6. An outline of each book of the Bible as well as the book’s content in one sentence

Meet Landon MacDonald

Landon is a human being and pastor from the Phoenix Desert. He loves his wife and kids and Pokemon and Tea and record collecting. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2011 and has spent years studying the Bible and feels called to help people see the story of God and demystify some of the more complex parts.

Landon has been active on Youtube – check out his page – Also – if you want to see lots of unneccessary stories of his record collection and pictures of his very cute kids check him our on instagram – @iamlandonmacdonald

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