The Jesus Gap: What Teens Actually Believe About Jesus


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What Teens Actually Believe About Jesus

Is Jesus God?

Did Jesus sin?

Can you be a Christian and not believe in Jesus?

The way Christian youth answer these and other questions about the basics of their faith might surprise you. Their answers, drawn from a national research study, are found in The Jesus Gap. It explores not only the depths of what Christian youth believe about Jesus, but also how that belief translates into a life of faith.

Combining focused research with years of diverse youth ministry experience, Jen Bradbury is at once insightful, passionate, and practical in her approach to making Jesus the heart of youth ministry. This book offers inspiration and hope that the truth of who Jesus is still has the power to transform the lives of our youth.

Because at the end of the day, if youth don’t leave our youth ministries knowing the true Jesus, then we’re pretty much missing the point!


Jen Bradbury is seasoned, wise, and warm, as might be expected of a youth minister. She’s also a tenacious researcher with mad writing skills and a desperately important problem to dissect. That’s why The Jesus Gap managed to exceed my expectations. This book needs serious attention from anyone who loves Jesus, loves kids, and loves the Church. There’s hope in these pages!

Dave Rahn
Sr. VP, Youth for Christ/USA
Director, MA in Youth Ministry Leadership at Huntington University


The Jesus Gap is a must-read book for four reasons. First, it discovers, critiques, and champions the place of Christology in youth ministry. Second, it is a rare gem: National research done with rigor that helps us find a confident way forward. Third, it was written by a veteran youth pastor with a proven and current record of fruitful leadership. Finally, Jen Bradbury is a gifted thinker and leader in youth ministry who leads, teaches, and nurtures as well as any I’ve seen. You can be confident of the quality of the data, the theological wisdom, the practical application, and the integrity and Christ-centeredness of the one who writes.

Terry Linhart, PhD
Author and Educator at Bethel College – Indiana


In The Jesus Gap, Jen Bradbury offers deep insight into the way teenagers view Jesus. Full of important questions and a critical look at what we are telling teens about him, Jen offers a wealth of practical ways we can positively impact what our youth believe about Jesus. Regardless of your denomination or the size of your ministry, this book is filled with valuable wisdom for how pastors or parents can play a key role in strengthening the faith of our youth. I am left feeling hopeful that when we introduce teenagers to the true Jesus, we will open the door to a faith that will last a lifetime.

Doug Fields
Author of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry and Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry
Co-founder of


The Jesus Gap is a powerful exposé on the perspectives of American “Christian” teens regarding the person of Jesus Christ. This is a must-read for anyone who is passionate about leading teenagers into a deep relationship with Jesus.

Dr. Steve Gerali
Award-Winning Author and Internationally Recognized Expert in Adolescent Development and Youth Ministry


About Jen Bradbury

jen bradbury headshot-150Jen Bradbury serves as the director of youth ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. A veteran youth worker, Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Her writing has appeared in YouthWorker Journal, Immerse, and The Christian Century. Jen blogs regularly at When not doing ministry, she and her husband Doug can be found hiking, backpacking, and traveling.

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Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .6 × 5.5 in


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