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The new go-to gift for the graduate is not a book of promises or a list of life hacks (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s a collection of stories, interviews, and journaling prompts woven together by veteran youth worker Brock Morgan to wake high school seniors up to the world of imagination and wonder—a life of faith lived to the full—that awaits them once the cap and gown have been put away.

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So you’re a graduate. And a lot of people who love you are probably itching to tell you how to get this NEXT stage of your life right, maybe some of them are even hoping this book will do it for them. But there’s something you should know right now. This book is not a list of rules for spiritual growth; instructions on how to claim your best life now; or a formula for success.

Instead, this is a safe place to process your fears; read stories about freedom, imagination, and wonder; and consider a calling to live your life with the fullness God intended. Open it up, put your finger on a chapter (any chapter), and awaken the grace and hope you’ll need in the days ahead.

About Brock Morgan

The Amazing Next - Brock Morgan
Brock Morgan has been a youth worker for over 23 years. He is the author of Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World and the co-author of A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Guys. Currently Brock is the youth pastor at Trinity Church in Greenwich, Conn.

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3 reviews for The Amazing Next

  1. Hanna

    This book was awesome!!! The stories kept me engaged and the real life experiences were so relatable. This book not only made me think, but inspired me to apply the new-found wisdom.

  2. betterthanever

    I have been a fan of Brock Morgan’s for a few years. Love his other book on Post Christian youth ministry. What really captivated me was that this is very much what he expressed in his other book- Sage like advice and coming alongside of students, not shoving things at them. I loved the interviews, the Facebook conversation, the spaces to reflect for myself, and the stories. Don’t get me started on the stories! I not only related, but I was inspired to live differently by them.

    Thank you for this. I will treasure it and buy it for my students. I think they will actually read it!

  3. jesseb (verified owner)

    This is a great graduation gift for your seniors! It will give your students the opportunity to continue to grow in their faith as they transition to the next part of life, and any book that encourages you to draw in it is a winner in my book.

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