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Slaying Biblical Illiteracy

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Only 1/3 of Protestant teens read the Bible once a week.                                 

– National Study of Youth & Religion

“What kind of relationship do we really want teens to have with the Bible? A relationship founded on their trust of us, or founded on their trust of the Bible itself?”  

For years now, youth workers and church volunteers have lamented that teens don’t know basic Bible stories. But have you noticed more and more teens don’t know anything about the Bible at all? Even though there are plenty of teen Bible study aids available, there’s a giant gap between these tools and the total biblical illiteracy of many we’re trying to reach.

Slaying Biblical Illiteracy contains practical tips, as well as group and individual exercises, that will inspire youth to experience God’s Word for themselves. Learn to use the same creative skills you use to plan retreats and youth group games to bring the Bible to life—using the unexpected in fun ways that will grab and keep your teens’ attention. Learn how to help youth work through their trust issues with Scripture and learn Bible study methods you can try out as a group, so that your youth are empowered to study the Bible for themselves, slaying biblical illiteracy and unlocking the influence of God’s Word in their daily lives.


In Slaying Biblical Illiteracy, veteran youth worker Matt Andrews addresses the twin realities that it’s hard to engage teens in Scripture yet critically important to do so. This quick read is a goldmine of practical ideas you can use to help teens in your ministry dig into Scripture and have fun while doing so!

Jen Bradbury | @ymjen
Author of The Jesus Gap and The Real Jesus 

Youth Director, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church

About Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews has 18 years of youth ministry experience, serving in ministry from Las Vegas to Vietnam, and picking up a theology degree along the way. Nothing makes him happier than hanging out with his wife, daughter, and son. Matt grew up in Western Colorado before marrying Kristi, who dragged him to the San Francisco inner-city to work with a religious non-profit coordinating youth mission/service trips. He has since worked in both evangelical and mainline churches and witnessed the great need across denominations to teach teens how to understand and use their Bibles. Currently, Matt resides in Laramie, Wyoming, and works with at-risk youth and their families.

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1 review for Slaying Biblical Illiteracy

  1. Wes Trevor

    Small book, packed with awesome, practical ways to wade into the ocean of Biblical Illiteracy in our ministries. Read it in a couple hours and several of the ideas in the book will have direct impact on our ministry. Thanks for helping to think outside of the box on this one Matt!

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