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Human sexuality is a really hot topic to be sure.  It was really a struggle to know how to address this topic, knowing that each church has their own stance on sex, marriage, gender, sexual orientation, etc… So here’s the deal, this is not a pro or anti series, it is a series based on the theology of the sacred.  That each human being is created in the image of God by God, and is therefore inherently sacred and loved by God.

We are also acutely aware that our students, unlike the generations of the past, are exposed to images and messages about their sexuality.  The confusion is rampant and so students are struggling. Period.  In the spirit of allowing you and your team of volunteers to counsel and to speak into their lives about the specifics of a student’s sexual sin, we have tried to carve out a safe space for students of all sexual orientations and gender expressions to learn about their own sacredness in the eyes of God and the sacredness of the “other”.

Our students will wrestle with questions such as:

  • Does what I do with my body really matter?
  • Does the Bible even talk about sex and, if it does, is it out of touch?
  • Does pornography really impact me and my sexual choices?
  • How do I treat someone who I think is living in sin?

When we get down to it, every human on the planet wants to be loved and known.  It is the human condition.  Our hope is that they learn to have wisdom in intimate relationships and realize that sexuality without boundaries is empty and selfish.  Even more than that, we hope beyond all hopes that they will begin an evolutionary journey with Jesus that will transform them by the renewing of their minds and empower them to love others really well.

We strongly recommend that you create a box where students can write down and submit questions as you go along.  It’s very likely they will be addressed at some point in the series, but this way you will know where your students are at in the process and you can tailor the lessons to them.

We are sure you can add to this list.   We also know that there are not pat answers to any of these questions that will satisfy students long term.  The most effective way to answer them is to allow students to experience the truth for themselves through a number of means.  We strongly recommend that the curriculum prompts that include scripture, prayer, and discussion be utilized, but all that is up to you.

One of our foundational beliefs is that the Holy Spirit does the work of convincing.  We encourage you and your team to lean into that belief as well.  Our job is not to argue anyone into the Kingdom or to berate another’s beliefs, but to present better questions, the testimony of people, and the scriptures.

This packet includes:

  • Student Leadership Meeting
  • Four Topical Lessons with Small Group Questions

About Next

Long gone are the days of shallow and pat answers that have been common in our teaching.  Students today live in a complex world and our teaching must rise to the occasion and help guide them through the maze of culture’s complexities.  Brock Morgan, along with this dream team of authors and thinkers, have put together what we believe is NEXT in youth ministry teaching and engagement. Through, in a more holistic manner, addressing the topics that are key in a student’s burgeoning faith we have crafted a series that will direct investigation and appeal to the heart.  Connected to The Amazing Next Conference, this series is meant to empower students and to help them have a sustainable faith that lasts; a faith that is thoughtful and engaged in what God is doing in the world.

Series Authors

We have brought together some amazing authors, who are veterans in ministry and really smart!

Brock Morgan plus themed lessons from: Brian Cress, Chuck Hunt, Mark Helsel, Leah Knight, Danny Kwon, Paul Martin, Kelsey Morgan, and Mark Riddle

Index of Themes

(Each theme covers 4 weeks and 1 student leadership lesson = 5 lessons/theme)

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  1. sicilianjoe (verified owner)

    This curriculum does a good job getting students (and leaders) to think (and discuss) about sexuality and is presented in a pretty easy-to-understand way. One of the areas that this curriculum needs work, though, is in the “Theology” section. The curriculum doesn’t really talk through how sex has been misused or changed by humans from God’s original intention. For example, it doesn’t really tackle some big issues like pre-marital sex and homosexuality. I would say that is the main thing I noticed it was lacking.

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