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Next: Racism

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  • Does racism really exist in our culture?
  • How do I have a conversation with someone when I don’t understand their point of view?
  • Am I impacted by my culture’s attitudes about race?
  • What, if anything, can I do about racism?

Whew! There is no way to address this topic adequately, especially in the limited time and space we have on a youth group night.  Hopefully Eniitan’s lessons and stories will help spark conversation and so much compassion among your students.  We truly believe that the next generation will have a better handle on this than those that have come before, but it is important to connect their faith with the cry of the marginalized.  Unity, not sameness, is the crux of the early church.  Our faith is one in which every tribe, tongue, and nation come together through the equalizing and transformative power of Jesus Christ.

We strongly recommend that you create a box where students can write down and submit questions as you go along.  It’s very likely they will be addressed at some point in the series, but this way you will know where your students are at in the process and you can tailor the lessons to them.

We are sure you can add to this list.   We also know that there are not pat answers to any of these questions that will satisfy students long term.  The most effective way to answer them is to allow students to experience the truth for themselves through a number of means.  We strongly recommend that the curriculum prompts that include scripture, prayer, and discussion be utilized, but all that is up to you.

One of our foundational beliefs is that the Holy Spirit does the work of convincing.  We encourage you and your team to lean into that belief as well.  Our job is not to argue anyone into the Kingdom or to berate another’s beliefs, but to present better questions, the testimony of people, and the scriptures.

This packet includes:

  • Student Leadership Meeting
  • Four Topical Lessons with Small Group Questions
  • Graphic slides for use in your favorite display program

About Next

Long gone are the days of shallow and pat answers that have been common in our teaching.  Students today live in a complex world and our teaching must rise to the occasion and help guide them through the maze of culture’s complexities.  Brock Morgan, along with this dream team of authors and thinkers, have put together what we believe is NEXT in youth ministry teaching and engagement. Through, in a more holistic manner, addressing the topics that are key in a student’s burgeoning faith we have crafted a series that will direct investigation and appeal to the heart.  Connected to The Amazing Next Conference, this series is meant to empower students and to help them have a sustainable faith that lasts; a faith that is thoughtful and engaged in what God is doing in the world.

Edition Author

Eniitan “Eni” Coker is a first generation Nigerian-American born as the youngest of 7 kids and raised by a dynamic and God-loving Nigerian mother in the deep South of the U.S. “Eni-” translates to person and “-itan” is equivalent to the English words history or story. All together, Eniitan is by name a  “person with a history” or “child of story” and by practice, a storyteller. Her nuanced upbringing in Georgia as a Nigerian raised in African-American culture but consistently positioned in predominately white environments is woven into the narratives of the curriculum. Eni’s calling to youth ministry that led her to the Northern Virginia has allowed her unexpected opportunities to explore what God has to say about issues of race, class, socioeconomic status and multi-ethnic ministry. This curriculum stems out of  lived experiences, racial literacy courses, shared narratives, uncomfortable conversations, heart-breaking memories and hope-filled vision that has been held up to the word of God and the nature God.

Index of Themes

(Each theme covers 4 weeks and 1 student leadership lesson = 5 lessons/theme)

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