Deeper Questions Curriculum, Volume 1: The Bible


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Author: Jen Bradbury

Teenagers’ curiosity, enthusiasm, and engagement are some of the things we love most about them! They are full of deep questions about God, the world, and their role in it. Longtime youth worker Jen Bradbury has written this curriculum to help you guide your group through fun, meaningful, and thought-provoking discussion of teens’ most-asked questions about the Bible:

Lesson 1: How’d we get the Bible?
Lesson 2: Were books intentionally left out of the Bible?
Lesson 3: Does the Bible contain “Fake News”?
Lesson 4: Can we take the Bible literally?

Every week’s lesson includes key Scripture passages, interactive activities, a detailed outline to lead you through the main discussion, small group questions, a prayer experience, and a guide for how teenagers can continue these conversations later with a parent or other trusted adult.

Author Bio:
Jen Bradbury serves as the TenX10 Content Director for Fuller Youth Institute. Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Prior to working at FYI, she served as a youth worker in the local church for 19 years. Jen is the author of several books including The Jesus Gap: What Teens Actually Believe about Jesus, The Real Jesus, and Called: A Novel About Youth Ministry Transitions. Jen lives with her husband, daughters, and cat in the Chicago suburbs.

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