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God is clearly into experiential learning. When telling the Israelites how to remember the miraculous exodus from Egypt, God gave them a meal to eat (Passover). To help them understand a huge theological concept like atonement, God said, “Take two goats, kill one and drive the other out of the city” on the Day of Atonement.

God Parties takes these big concepts and breaks them down into lessons that incorporate ancient traditions with relevant application for today’s teens. In many ways the protestant church has lost connection with its Jewish heritage. God Parties shows how the festivals point us to Jesus. It helps students better grasp the Hebraic backdrop of Jesus’ world by giving the leader teachable background and historical insights.

For the youth worker teaching week in and week out, it can be difficult to come up with creative ways to involve students so they’re not simply listening to a message. God Parties offers leaders 3 months of opportunities to involve students in the preparation, teaching and learning roles, and connects biblical concepts with food, object lessons and activities that reinforce learning and application–all designed to be repeated each year as God prescribed.

God Parties includes:

  • An overview and explanation of why we are invited into these feasts today.
  • 12 full sessions, including leader’s guide and student handouts.
  • Short videos for leaders (1 overview and several session videos), introducing the primary themes and meaning of the feast or festival.

About Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers serves as the campus pastor of RockHarbor Fullerton. Prior to this he spent 20 years working with youth and young adults in churches and through the founding of ReGenesis Rising, a nonprofit ministry that serves young men and women who age out of the foster care system. Jeff, his wife Lisa, and their four kids live and celebrate God Parties in Orange County, California.

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1 review for God Parties

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    I can only write about the first “God Party” as I’ve only ever used the Passover meal section, but that section, on its own, is worth the money.

    Every time I have been through the Passover meal with a group using this resource, I only get positive responses from the participants. I’ve used it with youth and with adults and both age groups find it fascinating, rewarding, encouraging and transforming.

    What I particularly love about this telling of the Passover meal is that it highlights the links with our heritage as Christians and what it means for us now. Communion / the Eucharist / The Lord’s Supper has become a richer experience for some because they have gone through this celebration.

    Great work, well done!

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