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Beautiful Rebellion: Joining the Movement to Change the World


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“What identity has culture given your generation? How have you been labeled and boxed in? What do ‘they’ say you are? Lazy? Entitled? Anxiety-ridden? Selfish? Fearful? Too sensitive? Addicted? Can’t live without your cell phones? I say no! That’s not who you really are. That’s not what God sees!”

These are words from Brock Morgan’s Beautiful Rebellion, a book that cuts past unhelpful stereotypes and shows today’s teens that they are uniquely primed to use their whole selves—faith, skepticism, intellectualism, humor, big questions, and all—to bring about a world-changing movement empowered and driven by God’s love. Brock uses his engaging and often funny voice to tell stories from his job as a youth worker and speaker, sharing vivid and inspiring moments that will invigorate and encourage teens. Written for dreamers longing for a better dream, tender-hearted doubters who haven’t lost their hope, and faith-filled people looking for more than they’re finding in the church, Beautiful Rebellion points toward a better story, and shows readers that they’re the ones who can live it out.

About the Author

Brock Morgan is a lifelong youth worker who is known for his fun style and amazing storytelling. He’s written a few well-received books including Youth Ministry 2027 and The Amazing Next. He is a consultant at Ministry Architects and is the youth pastor at The Falls Church Anglican. He lives with his wife and family in the Washington, DC, area.

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