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Pornography addiction explained

I’ve written about pornography, the demise of guys and arousal addiction before, but this video explains very clearly why porn is so addictive: it releases dopamine, which stimulates the brain to look for more…and that’s how a vicious cycle starts. You might want to use this video to start a discussion with your teens about the effects of porn on their brain, their relationships and their sexuality.

[HT Churchmag]
Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Pornography addiction explained

  1. HI I`m charles and would like to know How to get out of pronography?

    1. Hey brother, I applaud you for wanting to know more about this, as it’s a big problem. It’s hard for me to give solid advice in just a few lines, but friends of mine have written a blog series about this that may help you further: Feel free to ask more questions there!

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