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POLL: Are you talking about the Presidential election in youth group?

This is the first election cycle my kids have been old enough to really pay attention to an election. My daughter (15) is closely paying attention and was quick to point out that she’d get to vote in the next presidential election. But even my son (13) has been paying attention though he’s more interested in the drama than the politics. They both watched the debate last night with me, without prompting, and not because they had to for a school assignment but because they thought it was interesting.

That got me thinking: If my teenagers are thinking about the election I bet lots of teenagers are. But I wonder what they are hearing from their church?

  • Their parents are talking them through it.
  • Their teachers are definitely talking to them about it.
  • Their friends are talking about it.

So this begs the question, which is the reason I’ve created this poll, “Are youth groups talking about the elections?” I know our own youth ministry hasn’t touched it with a 10 foot poll.

But I’m curious if that’s common or not. Share your opinions and insights below. Let’s learn from one another!

Note: This poll is anonymous. No personal information will be collected or shared. 

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