The Youth Cartel’s Best Ever Parent Training Ever


You want to help parents, and parents want help. But what does that help actually look like?

We youth workers know that parents have a greater influence on the spiritual lives of their teenagers than our youth ministries. And we want to help parents be more effective in understanding their teenagers and staying relationally and spiritually engaged. But sometimes it’s difficult to know how to provide meaningful help that goes beyond keeping parents informed of camp deadlines and event fees.

That’s where we come in. The Youth Cartel’s Best Ever Parent Training Ever is a robust half-day of training designed to be a major win for you and the parents in your church. One of our gifted and informed team members will partner with you to bring a couple sessions of great content to encourage parents toward engaged parenting.

The sessions we offer include:

  • Completely Understanding Teenagers, Totally (Developmental Overview and Genderalizations)

  • The Kitchen Sink on Your Teenager’s Brain (Understanding Teenage Brains)

  • Reliving Your Youth (How Today’s Youth Culture is Changing)

  • 45 Minutes to Social Media Brilliance! (Managing Social Media in Your Home)

  • Helping Junior Be More Jesus-y (Engaging the Spiritual Life of Your Teenager: a practical session of ideas)


Presenters for the Best Ever Training Event Ever


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How It Works

We make it easy for you. We’ll match you up with one of our team members, and work with you on a date. You’ll coordinate with the presenter on which sessions fit your need and context. You recruit a volunteer or two to help with the details of the day. We’ll send you handouts to copy and have ready. Then you promote the day to your parents. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

The Youth Cartel’s Best Ever Parent Training Ever is a “contract event.” That means, we’re not choosing cities and locations and hoping you’ll show up. Instead, you’re partnering with The Youth Cartel to bring this training to your church (or a group of churches, working together). Our job is to make you look awesome!

Costs are pretty simple also: $2500 – $3000 (depending on a few variables we can chat about), plus the transportation costs of the presenter (you’ll reimburse the presenter directly for airfare or mileage, hotel and food). If you’re wondering how in the world you could ever afford this, talk to us: we’ll help you think about it.

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