Whether you’re a church wrestling with youth ministry questions, a ministry trying to connect with teenagers or youth ministries, or a business with questions about teenagers, we can help you.  We have a track record of happy clients who have benefited from our input and ideas, and we’re now poised to help with the execution of ideas also.

A few examples:

  • We led a day of dreaming about the future for Fuller Youth Institute, resulting in a clarification of priorities and vision, and an actionable list of next steps.
  • We worked with a large church that seemed to have no 20-somethings actively engaged.  We did a deep dive into the causes, identifying blind spots and areas of strength, making a list of recommendations.  That church has now hired us to provide ongoing coaching to their four pastoral team members who are under 30.
  • We worked with another church over the period of a year, helping them embrace change, work toward staff collaboration, and make some much-needed staff changes.
  • Spoke on behalf of Brainpark (an enterprise solution for collaborative workplaces) at an industry event, tested their product and gave feedback, and advised them on the possible acquisition of an events company.