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Don’t Take that New Youth Ministry Job

Here are two things I’ve learned in doing 15+ years of youth ministry:

  1. The grass is not greener somewhere else and if it looks that way, they’re using fake grass to cover up the dying lawn under it.
  2. If you make a choice to get away from something, rather than to run towards something, it’s not gonna work in the long run.

youth ministry job

If you’ve applied, or even been accepted to a new youth ministry job and either of these two reasons are true for you, please reconsider. You may think that anything is better than the situation you’re in right now, but you’re only setting yourself up for the next disappointment.

You deserve better than ‘this new job beats what I’ve got’, believe me. Take some time to figure out who you are and what you truly want and aim for that.

Don’t settle.

[Photo Credit: Ian T. McFarland, Flickr, Creative Commons]
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