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Multi-Site Church Youth Ministry Coaching Program cohort

Youth Ministry Coaching Program - Multi-site Cohort

by Mark Oestreicher

It’s no secret that I love The Youth Cartel’s coaching program (called the Youth Ministry Coaching Program, or YMCP). And it’s probably not news to you—if you follow the Cartel at all—that our growing number of program grads love it also. We have more than 300 grads, and currently have about 75 people in seven cohorts meeting all over the country.

We’ve been making slow-but-steady on filling a very unique cohort, though—one with a specific focus: a cohort for youth workers in multi-site churches. A few of the people who I’ve spoken with about this cohort were concerned that “my context is so unique, I don’t think it will be helpful to be told what to do.” I want to scream when I hear this sort of thing, and shout every one of these truths:

  1. At the chewy center of The Youth Cartel is a commitment to the uniqueness of every ministry context. We even teach this in YMCP, that the best youth ministries are always unique, having listened to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and intentionally responded to their own unique context.
  2. In all of our cohorts, and even more so in our cohorts that have a theme (Women in Youth Ministry cohorts, and our Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian Context cohort), we find that the cohort of likeminded travelers, in a simultaneously safe and challenging environment, is the rocket fuel poured on any content we might bring to the table.

Over and over and over again, when I speak with youth workers in multi-site churches, they are wrestling with some of the same questions. The answers to those questions might not be the same for each church and youth worker; but there is massive benefit in co-wrestling.

On top of that, YCMP is a whole-life leadership development program, and this cohort will still bring our best-of stuff on that front.

We’re making this cohort as accessible as possible for overwhelmed multi-site church youth workers, using our hybrid cohort approach with 3 face-to-face meetings and 3 online meetings. And, you’ll get a double-dip of coaching, from me and from Kurt Johnston (just about the most humble youth worker I know who’s still passionate, insightful and uber-smart).

Anyhow: we would LOVE your help in helping us find the people who need to consider this cohort. We need about 3 more at this point to make a go of it (though 5 more would be fantastic). If you’re a multi-site church youth worker, we’d love to chat with you. And if you’re not, but you have a youth ministry friend working in a multi-site church, would you consider pointing them this way?

Here’s the official YMCP brochure that shows the values and deliverables of the program, as well as a sample 2-day meeting schedule, and a bunch of quotes from grads.

And here’s the official details on this particular cohort (format, pricing, location).

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2 thoughts on “Multi-Site Church Youth Ministry Coaching Program cohort

  1. I am in the DFW area and would be extremely interested in this!! There two other student pastors I am quite certain they would be as well. My cell is 3186143253. Email is Please let me know!!

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