Ensenada, Mexico

At a Glance

  • Trip Dates: July 6, 2019 – July 12, 2019
  • Cartel Staffer: Adam McLane
  • Minimum Group Size: 8
  • Maximum People on this Trip: 50
  • Cost Per Person: $595 plus $500 group registration fee

The Mexican State of Baja California boasts wonderful weather, amazing hospitality, and a local Church that is eager for genuine partnership!

Trips to Baja begin in San Diego where our experienced staff will meet your team. From there, a short drive will be taken to the border where your team will be guided across. Entering Mexico is quick and seamless, often taking less than 20 minutes. Once across the border, your team will take a short drive (less than 2 hours) to your partnership community. PPM staff will be with you through this entire process, making it easy and enjoyable for your group.

Once you arrive in your partnership community, your team will meet your host church pastor (often over a fresh taco or cold drink!) Your host pastor and host church will be the key to your week of ministry. Through them you will hear the needs of the community, the ministries that are currently happening, and how your team can have a lasting impact. Your team will participate in a wide range of ministries determined by your teams skillsets and the communities needs. It won’t take long for your team to find that relationships are the focus of the Mexican people. Ministries can include home visits, kids ministry, sports, outreach, and more.

Baja California is an amazing place to serve. The Church is active, and the people are ready to partner with your team! We invite you to come partner with us. Contact us today!

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