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Is your life your message?

My life is my message.

I love this quote from Ghandi. It’s the more poetic form of the well know saying that actions speak louder than words. Don’t get me wrong: we need words, absolutely. I’m not a big fan of the ‘we should preach the Gospel at all times and use words when necessary’ attitude.

We always need words, because you cannot explain the Gospel without words. You cannot teach the Bible without words. Jesus Himself used words to explain the Kingdom of God.

But words alone are not enough.

Our lives are our message, more than any words we speak.

If we preach love, but don’t love people ourselves, our words are useless.

If we teach forgiveness, but are bitter ourselves, our teaching is dead.

If we say Jesus is our number one, but are slaves to our particular brand of sin, what we say doesn’t matter.

People will look to our lives first, before listening to our words.

Is your life the same message you preach?


Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Is your life your message?

  1. Great message to share with youth, especially at this time of high school graduation and life changes.

    1. Absolutely! (sorry for the delay in responding, I had some issues with the commenting system!)

  2. A real challenge and one I think we could all do with keeping in mind. It’s what the #God52 stuff is about too isn’t it, the whole living out our faith ‘thing’! Being people whose whole lives, words and deeds, reflect something of the gospel we believe in because really if we can’t do that what business do we have calling ourselves Christians!

    Good post Rachel, thanks x

    1. I love the God52 posts because they really make living out the Gospel practical in surprising ways.

  3. I try to make my life my message. There are days when I fail but I know I need to pick myself back up and live the message again.

    1. You’re absolutely right, we need to extent grace to ourselves as well in this!

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