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Lap Band Surgery for Teenagers?

There was no question, at 5-foot-1 and more than 250 pounds, she was overweight. But she resisted, saying she could diet.

“I’ll lose weight,” Ms. Gofman assured her doctor.

Dr. Vayner said, prophetically, “It’s not your fault, but you’re not going to be able to do it.”


No doubt, obesity is a massive problem in the United States. Among adolescents the obesity rate is alarming. But lap band surgery for teenagers? People who are still growing, have relatively high metabolism, and aren’t even really trying to lose the weight conventionally?

This seems opportunistic to me on the behalf of doctors. They know if they order it that an insurance company will cover it. But there’s not a lot of proof that such surgeries are effective for adolescents.

What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? 

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