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Lady Gaga’s prayer

This YouTube video of Lady Gaga praying is a fascinating study in contrasts. Here is this superstar, dressed in outrageous and sexy costumes and in the voice over she’s praying. Earnestly praying.

At first, I thought of making a Bible study using this video, but I’m not sure I’d actually want students to watch this. Aside from the fact that she’s in various stages of being barely dressed, the prayer itself is confusing to say the least. Lady Gaga is praying to God (‘Dear Lord’) and there’s gratefulness and a focus on others, but there are also puzzling requests.

I’m not judging mind you, which is why I decided this Bible study would be a bad idea. Because it would be judging and even though I have my thoughts after watching this video, it won’t help students grow in their relationship with God. But Lady Gaga’s prayer has made me think.


It’s no wonder young people are mixing religions and lifestyles; it’s what they constantly see happening around them. It’s no wonder the word Christian has become meaningless when on one hand it’s used by everyone and on the other hand people that seem to be ‘real’ Christians’ refuse to use it. It’s no wonder young people become confused about God, about faith and about everything. For it’s a confusing world indeed when Lady Gaga is promoting prayer.

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s prayer

  1. So confused and insecure. Interesting that she even posts this video, to what purpose? Is it an act or an intentional ploy to lead confused and insecure people after her? To bad the actions don’t back up the words. May God provide a Christian, grace by faith, spiritual adviser that can break through the walls she has erected.

    1. I think it’s part of a documentary on her, this is just a fragment I think. I don;t think it’s intentional on her part, I think she’s genuinely confused herself. There’s a lot of spiritual content in her songs, take for instance Born this Way or Judas. I think she’s searching for something, or Someone. And yes, we should pray for her, she could be a huge example to others if she were to truly follow Christ!

      1. people take off the christian glasses break it down into line items and requests then remember she asks not to give into those feelings.
        ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;what is this light and what is the real meaning of lucifer?
        if she is asking to dance for the [people on the stage then who or whom do they dance for I dont believe she is catholic any more than the ;jesuit pope is the false prophet or that obama will be the last president or the world will end in 2000 or 2012
        get ahold of some cipher books and wake up please to what it could really mean because I dont believe it means she is really a christian in disguise of being a recepie-nt of some deluded mind altering chemical cock-tail.she herself admitted that she is in contact with demonic beings and possessed by them.
        who is her lord and who is the god she is referring to?

        1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that we should test what we see, including this prayer. The last question is the real test, isn’t it? My point wasn’t that she’s a Christian, because I agree with you that I don’t think she is 9as far as I can tell from the outside, which is not my job anyways). My point is how confused she is and how awesome it would be if this searching she seems to show would actually lead her to find Christ. Let’s pray for that to happen!

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