Youth Pastor – Full Time

About Our Church

We are an interdenominational, midsized, multigenerational, established church that’s growing in attendance, membership, and baptisms.

Our “interdenominational” status means that we have a heart that wants to appreciate the distinctives and value that other denominations bring to the table (While still making sure that Jesus is at the center of all that we do). This heart for historic Christianity allows our people to experience deep roots in their faith while we work hard to bridge our ancient faith with today’s world in a way that’s relevant, practical, and above all, faithful to scripture.

Our Mission is the Great Commission

Our Vision is to be a church that is committed to:

Love God (The Great Commandment | Matthew 22:37)

Grow Together (The Great Community | Acts 2:42)

Be The Church (The Great Commission | Matthew 28:18-20)

We picture ourselves as a “Town Square” church meaning that we want to

  • champion historic biblical Christianity
  • be a gathering place for believers in our area
  • Be here for the community in times of crisis (Hurricanes, power outages, etc)
  • and times of celebration (Fall Fest, Advent Fest, Easter Sunday, etc)
  • shape the culture of our community for the glory of God.

We offer two English worship services, a traditional service at 9AM and a Contemporary service at 10:30AM. We also have a 12PM Hispanic service led primarily by our Worship Pastor.

We offer kids ministry during both service times and have a healthy youth group that represents about 10% of our Sunday morning attendance.

In the past two years we’ve strengthened our emphasis on youth ministry by adding a full-time youth director to our budget and by refurbishing what was formerly a firehouse into a designated youth facility. This represented a $100,000 investment.  In addition to this we’ve installed a brand-new commercial playground for our kids ministry, an investment of $30,000. We truly care for our children and youth ministries and look forward to a candidate who will take our youth ministry to the next level.

We have an incredibly impactful outreach program called “Helping Hands” which gives around $70,000 a year to people in need in our community.

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About Our Community

Montgomery County, Texas is located an hour north of Houston around Lake Conroe. A population of 620,443 as of 2020 and growing. According to our local school system (MISD) has an A rating.

April Sound Church is located within the gated community of April Sound but has access to the main road and a heart to reach all of our neighbors. About half of our members live outside of our community.

From one community website: April Sound is a community like no other, with residents who have been here since the 1970s and new neighbors who have recently joined us. Our amenities are many and attractions include beautiful Lake Conroe and popular tennis, swimming, dining and other activities for members of the privately-owned April Sound Country Club, which boasts three 9-hole golf courses.

About Our Position

April Sound Church Youth Director Job Description and Expectations

Time Expectations

45 hours a week 

Most people work 40 hours a week and participate in church services and church ministries. Because church services and ministries are part of our job, we believe working for 45 hours a week is a fair expectation that matches what we ask of our congregants as we serve our church and steward its resources well.

Regular office hours

Some pastors choose to have one day off (usually a Monday or a Friday) and then work a half day on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. Other Pastors might work a full day on Sunday and four other days in the office. Office hours should allow you to be accessible for staff and church members. The Youth Pastor may work less office hours on Wednesday to compensate for evening programming. The day off can be moved occasionally depending on the needs of the week.

We encourage non-remote work due to a high value on teamwork, accessibility, fellowship, and incarnational ministry.

Church Attendance

The Youth Pastor should expect to attend most Sundays, should not miss more than one Sunday in a row or 4 Sundays a year. The Youth Pastor should also expect to be present for major Church Holidays (Christmas & Easter) and church-wide events.


  • Create, cast, and implement vision for the church’s youth group that fits within the vision of the church.
  • Create values for the youth ministry and strategies that reflect and promote those values.
  • Oversee, grow, coordinate, and lead the church’s regular youth programming (Sunday morning and Wednesday night).
  • Oversee curriculum (scope and sequence) for all programs, events, and classes.
  • Develop (Recruit and Equip) Youth Leaders and schedule regular youth leader meetings as appropriate.
  • Develop and execute a plan to be on school campus regularly.
  • Meet with students outside of youth group on a regular basis (emphasis on relational, incarnational ministry).
  • Develop and implement plans for keeping parents updated and included.
  • Regularly update the youth ministry’s social media platforms.
  • Displaying a Christ-like approach and lifestyle, and praying regularly for young people in the church and community.
  • Incorporating youth into various church ministries as appropriate.


Youth Pastor should expect to help serve the church in fulfilling its vision by attending, promoting, and supporting member meetings, staff meetings, church-wide events, and other important church functions and responsibilities.

If the Youth Pastor has giftings and interests in other areas of the church (Preaching, Teaching, Pastoral Care & Counseling, Graphic Design, etc), those could be explored and the position could be adapted to fit the giftings of the right candidate.


  • Evident relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Passion and ability to share the gospel
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • Proficient understanding of challenges and needs of young people.
  • Excellent computer skills, and proficiency with social media.
  • Heart for young people.
  • Ability to lead by example.
  • Commitment to support the doctrines of the Church
  • Appreciation for engaging cultural issues with high degree of thoughtfulness and Biblical faithfulness.


  • Previous youth ministry experience
  • An appreciation of rich traditions of the church and historic Christianity (Church Fathers, Creeds, Liturgies, etc.) that appreciates the variety of Christian doctrines while remaining steadfast in the essential doctrines of the faith.
  • Interest in Graphic Design, Social Media, Website development, Photography & Videography.

Youth Pastor Salary and Benefits

  • $37,000-$45,000 a year, based on experience
  • Beginning at two weeks vacation.
  • Choose your own reasonable office hours.
  • Relocation Assistance available


Next Step:

Email your resume and cover letter along with a photo of you and your family to

Provide one to two links of teaching and preaching (if available)



Organization name:
April Sound Church



67 1/2 April Wind Dr South Montgomery TX 77356


Date Posted:
May 9, 2022

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