Youth Pastor / Associate Pastor

Rural Church Seeking Youth Pastor

Dalkena Community Church is looking for someone called and equipped to serve as a youth pastor.  Dalkena Community Church is a congregation of about 120 people and is located in rural eastern Washington about an hour north of Spokane and about 11 miles NW of the town of Newport, Washington.  Dalkena Community Church is affiliated with Village Missions.

Job Description – Youth Pastor

Dalkena Community Church

 Position Title – Youth Pastor / Associate Pastor

Purpose of Position

 * To assist the Senior Pastor and the Board of Elders in leading and equipping the church through administration, teaching and pastoral care.

Position Description

       * The primary role is to provide leadership and guidance in the children and youth ministries. This will include recruiting and developing leaders and overseeing curriculums for each of these ministries as well as weekly involvement with the youth.

  • The Associate Pastor will also be involved in other church ministries such as preaching by filling the pulpit as needed, teaching, counseling and general support of other church programs. The goal is to equip and encourage the local body of believers to follow Jesus Christ and by doing so fulfill the mission of the church.


    *Degree from Bible college or seminary preferred; or two or more years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education     and experience.


      * The Associate Pastor is supervised directly by the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Senior Pastor and Board of Elders.

  • Any conflict between Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor will be mediated by Board of Elders with primary support to the Senior Pastor.

Responsibilities, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

        * A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrate this commitment by reflecting grace and love in leading a healthy devotional and moral lifestyle – meeting the qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7-9.

  • Become a member of Dalkena Community Church, submit to leadership, and be knowledgeable of and adhere to Scripture, the church constitution, doctrinal statement, policies, and core values of DCC.
  • Primary role is to enhance and provide leadership to the Children and Youth ministry programs to ensure DCC is evangelizing, equipping, educating and encouraging these targeted groups.
  • Develop and grow in areas of Pastoral care. Expectations include:
  • Primary backup support for preaching when the Senior Pastor is not available.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all departments, groups and committees of DCC and assist and cooperatively work with other DCC program organization leaders and committee members in growing all ministries of the church.
  • Provide helping fund assistance as appropriate.
  • Provide pastoral counseling as needed.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor in home visitations of church families and other visitations as necessary.
  • Assist the Senior Pastor in performing weddings (including pre-marital counseling), funerals, baptisms, child dedications and communion as necessary.
  • Provide hospital visits as necessary.
  • Attend scheduled Board of Elder meetings and inform the Board of the needs of the congregation.
  • Be willing to accept other responsibilities/duties assigned by the Senior Pastor and Board of Elders.


  • Beginning salary of $1850 a month.
  • Housing and Utilities (including High Speed internet at home)
  • Health Insurance

If interested or wanting to find out more, contact:

  • Steve Powers, Pastor

509-953-9578 – cell

509-447-4481 – home

509-447-3687 – church


Newport, WA  99156

  • Physical Address: 425961 State Rt. 20   Newport, WA  99156
  • Check out the church website at



Organization name:
Dalkena Community Church



425961 Hwy 20 Newport, WA 99156


Date Posted:
May 11, 2022

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