Youth Pastor

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Denomination: Church of the Nazarene

Weekly Attendance: 400

Location: Ridgefield, Washington

The Role: Youth Pastor


Meet Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene:

We all reach full potential when we:

  • Love people recklessly.

  • Serve others contagiously.

  • Pursue God passionately.

Even though we are a part of a worldwide denomination, we are a community church seeking to follow Jesus and love others in tangible ways; as we worship together, study together, serve together, pray together, and play together.


About the Youth Pastor:

The qualities of any Youth Pastor include a growing personal relationship with Christ, a love for Middle and High School students, and a sense of calling to serve Christ through the local church. The ideal Youth Pastor for Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene will also have demonstrated strengths in the following areas:

Team-Building: Multiple programs and ministry environments require strong team-building skills. The Youth Pastor will be able to interact well with adults, able to recruit and build teams of volunteers to serve together. He/she recognizes that he can’t do all of the ministry himself, and has a history of raising up volunteers who will share the ministry with students. He/she will recognize the talents and gifts of potential team members and will place them in ministry positions where they are best able to serve. He/she will look for leadership potential among volunteers and will develop them into leaders within the department.

Evangelistic Heartbeat: With 1/3 of the city’s population under 18 years of age, a strong Youth ministry is vital for us to reach the hundreds of families who move into Ridgefield every year. The Youth Pastor will relate well with unchurched and unsaved parents and their children. He/she will plan with these families in mind, doing everything in his power to reach them.
Family Discipleship: Parental engagement is necessary to grow lifelong, reproducing followers of Jesus. The Youth Pastor will have a successful history of engaging and equipping parents to disciple their children. He/she will also see parents as full members of his/her department and will work to give attention and care to them.

Relational Discipleship: Students grow and thrive in their faith through strong relationships with caring adults. The Youth Pastor will have a history of pursuing relationships with students, promoting healthy relationships among students, and starting and multiplying small groups of both students and adults.

Cross-Department Coordination: Relay races are usually lost when the runners drop the batons at the hand-off. Student ministry is a discipleship relay race. And we usually lose students as they transition between departments. The Youth Pastor will regularly and strategically work with the Children’s Pastor to effectively transition kids from RidgeKids to The Ridge. And then he/she will continue to oversee their discipleship past high school and college until they have kids of their own and again are handed back to the Children’s Pastor

Technologically Savvy: Ministry in the 21st Century happens online. The Youth Pastor will help lead a strong social media ministry to not only advertise church programs but also to engage people online as they take multiple steps to live their full potential.


The Youth Pastor Responsibilities Include: 

  • Create and execute a long-term discipling culture and learning system focused on the next generation (7th-12th grade) their parents, and our Student Ministry Volunteers.

  • Lead and organize effective student programs implementing worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, evangelism, and fellowship as well as ministry and mission opportunities for students.

  • Recruit, train, and shepherd Student Ministry Volunteer leaders with diverse gifts and personalities to partner in teaching and developing students.

  • Promote an environment where students feel connected to each other as a church family; where each student is valued and celebrated.

  • Invest and engage relationally with students and build relationships and partnerships with local schools and sports teams to help engage and support local youth programs.

  • Provide biblical counseling and spiritual direction to Student Ministry Volunteers and students on an individual basis as needed.

  • Maintain strong communication and contact with students, parents, and Student Ministry Volunteers, keeping them updated about ongoing activities.

  • Continually develop students into leaders and allow them to take ownership of their Student Ministry by serving where gifted. 

  • Explore and implement outreach events to connect students and families in the local community to our church community.

  • Build strong connections to come alongside parents and partner with them in the discipling and leading of their 7th-12th grade students.

  • Develop Student Ministry Volunteers that are trained to teach and mentor our students and ensure that parents are prepared to lead their children.  These Student Ministry Volunteers should also be role models so that young people have spiritual mentors in those situations when their parents may not be the model.

  • Strategically transition high school seniors into young adulthood and coordinate ministry programming for young adults.

  • Responsible for the development of annual budgets for the Student Ministry, incorporating the plans and needs for ministry events, learning, and activities, and ensuring compliance to those budgets.


What You Bring: 

Education & Experience

  • 5 – 7 years of experience is required.

  • Bachelor’s degree is required.

  • A Seminary degree would be a bonus.

  • Ordaining in a Nazarene church would be a strong bonus.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to connect with a multi-generational population.

  • Excellent communicator both on and off the platform.

  • Demonstrated experience in training, teaching, and mentoring.

  • Understanding of budgeting and financial operations of the church.

  • Experience in training, teaching, and mentoring a ministry.

Personal Characteristics & Qualifications

  • A strong growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Must be a strong vibrant Christian who is Biblically sound and grounded in their faith.

  • Excellent team player.

  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and events.

  • Must be flexible and possess effective time management and organizational skills.

  • Must possess loyalty and commitment to the vision of the Church and that of the Lead Pastor.

  • A people person who has a genuine love for people and a desire to serve them.

  • Ability to discern with wisdom and build relationships with staff and lay membership.


What it’s Like to Live in Ridgefield, Washington: 

Ridgefield is in the pastoral, rolling hills countryside of northern Clark County, Washington.

Ridgefield is notable for the significant Native American and Lewis and Clark Expedition history of the area but is also the home of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, a primary reserve for migrating waterfowl on the Pacific Flyway, and the Ridgefield High School “Spudders” (reflecting the area’s potato-farming heritage). Whether you are looking for a day trip getaway, a business-friendly city for your company, or a vibrant community to call your home, Ridgefield has opportunities for everyone.

Our city is composed of newcomers excited about making this nature-filled place their new home and long-time residents who continue to revel in Ridgefield’s picturesque surroundings, family-friendly neighborhoods and parks, and a strong sense of community. Add to it Main Street America charm and major employers, and you’ll find that Ridgefield offers a piece of paradise for those who want to get away from the Big City… but not too far away.

With its ample supply of open land and major infrastructure in place, Ridgefield is ready to proceed with quality development. Significant projects on the horizon in Ridgefield’s future include the construction of a Clark College satellite campus, a new Peace Health facility, and the commercial development of the Port of Ridgefield’s 40-acre waterfront site – a natural extension of the downtown area.

For the 2022 school year, there are 4 public schools serving 3,058 students in Ridgefield School District. This district’s average testing ranking is 10/10, which is in the top 10% of public schools in Washington. Ridgefield offers the best of life in a small community while being in close proximity to the Portland-Vancouver metro area, which offers a world-class food scene, theater, ballet, professional sports events, and more.


Organization name:
Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene

Church of the Nazarene


747 Pioneer St Ridgefield, WA 98642


Date Posted:
June 28, 2022

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