Youth Pastor

Please take the time to read this description fully and respond accordingly.  Promise church is a small non-denominational church (Much in line with the Assembly of God church).  We are looking for help with our children and youth ministries.  Right now we have 4-6 kids in our children’s age bracket and 2-4 teens in our youth age bracket.  Our children currently meet on Sunday mornings during the main service.  We do not have anyone to work with the youth at this time.  Promise church is looking for help in these areas.  We are looking for someone for each group to teach them about relationship with Jesus.  Teach them the Bible, about prayer and living for God.  Yes, we want them to have fun and to have activities but the spiritual growth is number one.

Promise church is a great little church with a lot of potential for growth.  Everyone is real and down to Earth and we are looking to make a difference.  With the church being small we do not have the finances to pay for this help currently.  We need someone willing to come here because God needs them here.  We need someone with some experience in working with kids or teens in a church setting.  At least as an adult volunteer, Sunday School teacher or in some capacity.  It is a big task but it is one that God will reward you for.  I cannot think of anything better than helping to young people to know Jesus.

If you are willing to apply for this position please email us #1 A letter telling us about you, your family situation and about your testimony.  #2 Please let us know of any experience that you have in this area.  #3 Give us a couple of references from a pastor, youth pastor or so forth.  Someone who can attest for your faithfulness to the church.  #5 List any social media platforms you might use.  #6 Ask any questions that you might have about the church and so forth.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Organization name:
Promise Church



104 Sunset Dr. Cleburne TX 76033


Date Posted:
May 5, 2022

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