Youth Pastor

SFC Youth Pastor


-Propel forward the mission of the church by leading and equipping middle school and high school students 


Job Duties

– Oversee Viral Student Ministries, assist with Sunday services and church events 


Relational Expectations


-Communicate clearly, honestly, and in a timely manner. 


-Embrace accountability and collaboration with other staff members, volunteers and members of the church and community.  


-Be active in the local youth community, seeking partnerships with schools, community centers and other local youth connections.


Job Specific Expectations


-First and foremost the job is to disciple and equip students for the work of the ministryWe expect to see student salvations, baptisms, discipleship and releasing into service within the church and community.  


-Have a plan that will reach both middle and high school students consistently.  Know how you are going to reach this broad age range effectively. 


-Regularly acquire and develop youth leaders.  Work with these leaders to run the ministry effectively. There should be a plan in place if you are sick or unable to attend unexpectedly.  


-Communicate well and foster relationships of trust with parents 


-Be involved in the local and global mission opportunities within the church


-Create an atmosphere where youth can have fun.  Outreach events, crazy games, partnerships with other youth groups, lock-ins, etc.  Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.     


-Be flexible to the learning curve and change that will occur within this first year.  Your job, expectations, hours and salary may change based on the needs and direction of the church.  


– Actively create a work environment that is friendly and enjoyable while remaining productive.


-Surpass ordinary standards and pursue quality and relevance in your work product 


-Take innovative, measured risks, and remain open to new ideas and creativity that will help us achieve better results 


-Set, and meet, realistic timelines when asked to complete tasks or projects


-Attend staff meetings, strategic meetings and staff outings/retreats


-Be a part of the regular preaching schedule (3-6 times a year)


-Available for pastoral care as needed 


Personal Expectations


-Prioritize physical, spiritual and emotional care


-God is first, you and your family is second, your ministry is third


-Actively pursue God on a regular basis through personal spiritual disciplines 


-Take a Biblical Sabbath each week 


-Be committed to Scappoose Foursquare Church 

A member, attendee, tither and involved in a Foundation group.


-Must be in doctrinal agreement with Scappoose Foursquare Church


Organization name:
Scappoose Foursquare Church

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel


33404 SW JP West Rd, Scappoose OR 97056


Date Posted:
January 10, 2022

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