Youth Pastor

Oh Be Joyful Church Youth Pastor

Purpose & Role

Oh Be Joyful Church (OBJC) seeks to fill a full-time position responsible for overseeing all aspects of student ministries. The candidate will be responsible for both middle and high school programs (Grade 6-12). While the role of the youth pastor is multi-faceted, the mission is always the same: to introduce the youth of Crested Butte to Jesus and help them mature spiritually.

An average week includes outreach, discipleship, adventure, and behind-the-scenes planning. Other aspects include building relationships within the youth community, creating healthy and safe spaces in which youth can grow; building, fostering, and discipling a team of volunteer leaders, and regular participation as a part of OBJC staff in engaging with the overall mission and efforts of the church. Our staff goes above and beyond for the good of the church and humbly seeks out creative ways to engage and improve the various ministries of Oh Be Joyful.


The youth pastor must have a love for God, a love for middle school and high school students, and a pastoral heart to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. In addition, the following are required:

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 2 years of experience in youth ministry leadership
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Commitment to a team approach to ministry including recruit, disciple, and sustain a volunteer leadership team
  • Strong teacher with a love for God’s word
  • Pastoral philosophy of equipping and discipling
  • Relational style of leadership and ministry
  • Joyful spirit and good sense of humor
  • Self-starter

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven ability to teach and equip youth and leaders in small and large setting
  • Proven ability to communicate well with church leaders and members and come alongside families, especially in times of crisis
  • Relate to the unique needs of teenagers in today’s culture and specifically in Crested Butte



  • Ensure that the youth ministry is functioning in an effective, focused manner
  • Recruit, train, and mobilize a Youth Leadership Team for the youth ministry
  • Submit and effectively manage an annual budget
  • Oversee any fund-raising efforts for youth ministries


  • Develop comprehensive, well-balanced biblical instruction and programming for spiritual growth
  • Assume the role as primary teacher and provide teaching opportunities to other qualified volunteers
  • Plan, oversee, and execute special events and trips
  • Lead annual or bi-annual youth missions’ trip, preferably in support of missionaries already supported by OBJC
  • Demonstrate organizational skills and written communication in implementation of ministry
  • Engage parents as vital partners
  • Develop a program designed to equip middle school and high school volunteers
  • Provide opportunities for the training and discipling of youth

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in staff meetings
  • Keep Elders and staff informed of emergent situations
  • Sunday morning participation
  • General pastoral responsibilities shared by the team and other duties as required
  • Keep yourself and your team accountable to the Vulnerable People Policy of OBJC and Character Covenant
  • Ability to maintain all social media platforms for the youth programs

 OBJC Staff Core Requirements

  • Personal Spiritual Disciplines

Regular, well planned disciplines for spiritual growth and health must be engaged

  • A Mentee Relationship

Meet regularly with a mentor who is trustworthy, willing to truly engage, and is outside the valley

  • Elder Accountability

A commitment to be accountable and transparent with the Elder team – trusting and submitting to                their guidance

  • Upholding the Mission, DNA, and doctrine of the church

A common core of belief and mission is important

  • Commitment to Family 

Maintain a healthy relationship with spouse, kids, and family and keep open communication about              important family situations with elders and mentors

  • Ongoing Training  

Proactively seek out opportunities to gain education, skill, and instruction in the field

  • Signed Character / Employment Contract

Commit to a lifestyle that is above reproach

  • General Staff Responsibilities                                                          

Participate in staff meetings, personal and team leadership development, various projects at church

Contact Information

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to Jessica Thomas at In your cover letter, please include why you desire to work at Oh Be Joyful Church and your mission for working with youth.


Organization name:
Oh Be Joyful Church



625 Maroon Ave, Crested Butte


Date Posted:
September 21, 2021

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