Youth Pastor

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Sharing Life .  Loving People  .  Finding Faith


General Purpose of Youth Pastor Position: (part to full time)

As a passionate follower of Jesus, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, lead and mentor the youth of Tyler Street Church as they grow to be faithful followers themselves.

The Primary Task:

  • Rebuild the youth program of Tyler Street Church
  • Demonstrate passion for youth through the love of Jesus and the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
  • Biblically teach, train, and disciple youth in developing their relationship with Jesus.
  • Provide youth with opportunities for nurture and spiritual growth such as: worship services, small groups, worship band, Sunday school, camps, retreats, mission trips, and other special events.
  • Inspire youth to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world.


  • Lead and organize effective youth programs implementing fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, evangelism, service, ministry and mission opportunities.
  • Support and guide the work of the Youth Council in an annual process of evaluating the vision and goals of the youth ministry and directing monthly planning sessions to include annual mission trips/retreats, fundraising, and other events.
  • Empower student leaders by example and opportunity to preach, teach, plan, and influence their peers.
  • Be aware of resources for developing the youth ministry programming and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.
  • Recruit, train, and shepherd volunteer youth staff with diverse gifts and personalities and ensure adequate volunteer support and adult to youth ratios.
  • Ensure Ministry Safe Policy is observed in all youth ministry settings.
  • Develop and coordinate curriculum for youth (grades 6-12).  Recruit adult leaders when necessary.
  • Coordinate and/or teach Confirmation classes in partnership with the pastor, teachers and provide leadership for confirmands, mentors, and parents beyond the c
  • Manage the oversight of the youth ministry budget; manage student fees for events and trips in a timely fashion, keeping accurate records.
  • In coordination with the communication committee (when applicable)communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, social media, website, bulletin, newsletter, etc.). Ensure communication with church staff and leadership, coordinating committees, parents, youth, and the congregation as a whole.
  • Connect with youth in a variety of ways, seeking to build connection with youth and within the youth group (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at extracurricular activities, visitation, times of crisis, etc.).
  • Connect with youth parents, including them in events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Seek to integrate youth ministry into all phases of church life to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries.
  • Attend staff, Youth Council, and Church Council meetings.
  • Regularly attend church worship services

Adult Congregation Responsibilities: (will be considered with full time position only)

  • Attend all church worship services.
  • Share service responsibilities with Senior Pastor and Worship Directors including: Preaching, Traditional Service Elements (i.e. leading prayers, communion, etc.).
  • Visit church parish in hospital/rehabs/homes when necessary.
  • Offer in office counseling to church parish.
  • Help office staff with resources and direction for homeless/walk ins needing help.
  • Provide leadership and help for all church major special events.
  • Teach Sunday School classes once a year.
  • Help establish assimilation process for guest and new members.
  • Teach classes as needing including new members, new volunteers, discipleship, special event training, etc.

Qualifications and Aptitudes:

  1. Exhibits a personal, mature, and deepening relationship with Jesus, a belief in the power of the Holy Spirit, and a commitment to Scripture and His Church.
  2. Feels called to youth ministry, has a love for young people, and a passion for evangelism and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level.
  3. Affirms historic, Christian orthodoxy and Wesleyan doctrine.
  1. Spiritual life must be congruent with biblical mandates for leaders (1 Timothy 3:1-7).
  2. Maintains and demonstrates a healthy spiritual life.
  1. Continually prays for vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a youth ministry within the parameters of Wesleyan belief.
  2. Demonstrates excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.
  3. Has the ability to work effectively and lovingly with youth and volunteers in a diverse congregation.


Organizational Relationship and Supervision:

The Youth Pastor reports to the Senior Pastor for spiritual and ministry guidance, and to a spiritual accountability partner for maintaining spiritual growth and accountability. The Senior Pastor, in cooperation with the Staff Parish Relations Committee, provides an annual evaluation of the Youth Pastor’s performance.




Organization name:
Tyler Street Church

United Methodist Church


927 W 10th St, Dallas, TX 75208


Date Posted:
April 20, 2021

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