Youth Pastor

We are in search of a part-time youth pastor for our church. Promise church is small but growing. We purchased our new location at the end of 2019 and we are excited about what God has in store for us. We are currently searching for someone to take the position of youth pastor here at the church. It will start off part-time but as the church grows we are looking one day to make it a full-time position. The youth group is small in size, 3-5 youth each week but the potential is great.

We are looking for someone with a distinct calling to minister to youth. Someone with a love for teenagers and a willingness to work hard at developing connections with them. Someone with a passion for raising up our youth into young men and women for the Lord. That will have an understanding of how important it is to teach the Word of God, while doing it in a way that the kids can relate to and get excited about.

We are looking for someone with some type of experience working with a church youth group as either a youth pastor, adult leader or some sort of involvement in ministering to youth. The calling is the most important aspect and we can go from there. Promise Church is a full gospel, Bible believing church. We believe in all of the gifts of the Spirit being true and active today. While we are non-denominational we fall very much in line with the doctrines of the Assembly of God churches and are looking for like minded staff as well.

The position will require someone to live local to Cleburne; within 15 minutes. They will need to have a secular job as this starts off as part-time pay. We have church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night Bible Study. The youth meet on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM. The position while serving as youth pastor, will also be a pastor on staff available to encourage, pray with and minister to the entire congregation.

The group is small and is really just starting out; so it is a wonderful opportunity for someone to build a group with their own personality and style. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then follows these instructions.

Send us a letter telling us about you… all about you. We want to know about your life, your family, your testimony… We want to know about your ministry experience and churches that you have been on staff at or just a member of. Tell us about why you are applying for this position… what are you feeling? How is God leading you? Include as well any social media pages that you might have, a photo of you and your family and lastly… feel free to ask any and all questions that you might have. You can email your response to We look forward to hearing from you and we are excited to see what God is going to do!



Organization name:
Promise Church



104 Sunset Dr Cleburne, TX 76033


Date Posted:
February 5, 2020

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