Youth Pastor

We are looking for a part-time youth pastor for our church. Promise Church is a small but growing church. Right now we are around 30 people with 2 youth on Wednesday nights. Promise Church is a non-denominational church that is very much in line with Assembly of God beliefs. We believe all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are active today from tongues to prophecy and we expect all of our staff to be like minded.

Though Promise Church is small it has a big future. We just purchased our own building and are ready to see what God has in store.  Right now we have 2-4 youth that come on Wednesday nights so there is a start. These are 4 teenagers that need someone to care for them, to teach them and equip them and there are hundreds more just like them out there. The position is tough when your numbers are this small but do not let that scare you away.  If you are called to youth ministry then God will help you to do this. We know the position really offers little in the way of money right now but that will change as the church grows. The pay is only $100 a week so you would need to work an outside job.   Right now we are looking for the one that God has for this position. This is His church, His plan and it is possible that He needs YOU… are you willing to say “Yes”?

We would prefer a married couple but will consider all applicants.  We do ask that you have experience in working with youth in a church setting.  As either a youth pastor, assistant or some type of adult sponsor.  Heart and calling is the most important thing to us.  The position does require that you live or move to the Cleburne area.

Please read what we are asking for from you… If interested then please send us your resume along with a letter telling us about yourself and your family situation. Please ask any question that you have and get ready for to do the same. Include your Facebook profile information as well if you have one. Before I close this can I ask you a question… Isn’t exciting to think that God believes you have enough faith for a leap like this! 🙂


Organization name:
Promise Church



104 Sunset Dr Cleburne, TX 76033


Date Posted:
February 5, 2020

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