Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor

Full-time position: 40 hours a week

Bethlehem Baptist Youth (BBY), the college-age youth community at Bethlehem Baptist Church, is a vibrant programme with exciting activities and a focus on Jesus. Around 150 of our youth meet regularly every Wednesday night and participate in loads of social events throughout the year. The Youth Pastor, along with an Assistant Youth Pastor and Administrator, lead a large team of volunteers providing teaching, small group discipleship, events and camps, opportunities for worship, musician development, and internships.

The Youth Pastor’s role is to provide youth leaders with vision and passion for our youth using strong leadership, coupled with good organizational and management skills, underpinned with sound Biblical theology and witness. And, to build a team of God-honouring, servant-hearted leaders who empower our youth to grow in their love for God, discipleship and ministry. If you have a passion for youth and the experience of leading a large youth community, then keep reading for more details.

You are:

  • One who has a demonstrated ability to connect and understand youth culture and young people
  • Passionate about every student having the opportunity to be in a discipleship group, growing as a follower of Jesus and ultimately be able to lead their peers to Christ and to in-turn disciple them
  • A clear communicator of objectives and direction to staff team members, interns, volunteers, parents and youth
  • Able to train teams of people to grow in their abilities and character as Godly leaders
  • Able to preach with sound Biblical teaching with a personable sense of humour, in a dynamic and inspirational way
  • Driven to continually learn while maintaining a healthy work-life balance 

You will:

  • Lead with overall responsibility of vision and values for the BBY ministry
  • Lead, manage and train the BBY staff, volunteers, and interns with excellence.
  • Lead youth leaders through good management and spirituality, building unity, maturity and passion to lead youth towards our God-given mission and vision
  • Empower leaders to equip youth to do the works of the ministry and to love, reach and disciple their community
  • Facilitate and speak at our weekly youth gatherings and special events through the year (i.e. Easter Camp, Sports Camp, baptisms)
  • Manage pastoral care for our youth
  • Manage small groups and develop content for them

The cherry on top:

  • You have no fear of discussions about the negative social, economic and mental health issues that youth face today
  • You love gathering youth pastors together in regions to collaborate and share for the sake of our community
  • You dream of a youth worker in every school in the local area

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least 1 year of formal theological training
  • At least 3 years’ experience in youth ministry 

If this position sounds like a fit for you, please apply with a cover letter and CV:


Organization name:
Bethlehem Baptist Church



90 Bethlehem Road, Bethlehem Tauranga 3110 NZ


Date Posted:
November 7, 2019

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