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Youth Pastor



The Youth Pastor: 

.  is a member of the pastoral staff at Tillamook Nazarene Church.

.  is accountable to the Lead Pastor.

.  will submit a monthly report to the board on all youth activities and any other ministry

   related items.

.  will consult with the Lead Pastor on plans and policies and cooperate fully

with the entire staff and leadership of the church.  Progress will be formally

evaluated on an annual basis by the Lead Pastor.


The Youth Pastor will meet regularly with a Youth Council and youth sponsors.



To be a Pastor to youth and families while providing leadership that motivates, equips and releases a team of believers into ministry as we lead youth to a Christ like life.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1)         Be active in our district’s NYI ministry and have our teens involved in district activities and camps. Also be involved in promoting and encouraging our students to consider NNU as a post high school option.

2)         Work alongside volunteers and other staff who are responsible to recruit, motivate and supervise youth workers.

3)         Ensure that Youth Ministry programs integrate into the vision statement, mission and goals of the church.

4)         Work alongside staff to provide training, seminars and encouragement to families in the areas of marriage enrichment, family life and parenting skills.

5)         Ensure that youth ministry is visible to the church body as a whole through appropriate     communications, presentations, and participation in adult worship services.

6)         Help create, implement and oversee current and potential programs and ministries.

7)         Work with our Celebrate Recovery ministry to teens who attend. Look for ways to build relationships and integrate these students into the life of the church.

8)         Plan special events throughout the year that meet teenagers’ social, mental, physical and spiritual  needs.

9)         In providing spiritual care and formation for our youth and their families, it is expected that you would pray for them, visit them in the hospital, and provide follow-up on prospects and absentees.

10)       Provide every worker with a clear understanding of the position they hold within the Youth department and the importance of it.

11)       Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


If interested please send a resume and contact information to


Organization name:
Tillamook Nazarene Church

Church of the Nazarene


2611 Third St.


Date Posted:
September 13, 2017

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