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Youth Pastor

New Hope Baptist Church                                                                                                                

Youth Pastor Job Description


The Youth Pastor shall be considered an assistant to the Pastor and is to serve under the direction of the Senior Pastor.  Primary areas of responsibility shall be established by the Pastor and Board of Deacons.


The Assistant to the Pastor shall continue in office until he resigns or is dismissed by a vote of active members at a special meeting called for that purpose. Such meeting shall be announced from the pulpit for two Sundays immediately preceding the date of such a meeting.


Assistants to the Pastor must be a member of this Church and are to be ex-officio members of the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees and shall serve on any other committee as needed.


Working closely with the Senior Pastor and lay leaders, the youth pastor shall:


  • Create and lead worship for teens and young adults that results in spiritual growth and involvement in the church setting. This includes giving messages and / or lessons that are biblically relevant to this age group.  The youth shall meet one night per week.  In addition, the youth pastor shall teach the teen Sunday School class.


  • Other times of meeting with the youth shall be added as the need and availability of sponsors dictates.


  • Recruit, train and mentor volunteers to lead youth and young adult ministry programs.


  • Reach out evangelistically to youth in the community through outreach ministries yet to be defined. This includes leading youth to develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ and helping them discover and use their spiritual gifts for ministry.


  • Implement a Discipleship Ministry within the youth group.


  • Provide meaningful opportunities for service.


  • Supervise and provide resources for retreats and special events for this age group. This would include camp and missions opportunities.


  • The youth pastor shall attend Deacon and Trustee meetings as well as committee meetings deemed relevant by the Senior Pastor.


  • Oversee ONE of the following ministries:


  • Children’s Ministry. This includes defining curriculum, teacher training and scheduling of worker volunteers.  Children’s Sunday School, Junior Church, Wednesday Evening Children’s program, VBS, Christmas Program and summer church camp are the responsibility of the youth pastor.
  • Worship Team Ministry. This includes leading worship, music selection, recruiting and scheduling of worship team members, practices and audio visual elements (ProPresenter). Sunday morning/evening worship, VBS, Christmas Program, and Youth worship are all responsibilities of the youth pastor.


  • Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


TO APPLY: Please send resume, personal testimony, doctrinal statement to to start the process.


Organization name:
New Hope Baptist Church



800 E South C Street PO Box 125 Gas City, IN 46933


Date Posted:
July 18, 2017

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