Youth Ministry Director / Pastor

Wildwood Church is currently seeking a qualified youth ministry director or youth pastor (see the job description for details about the title). We are a growing church in the Quad Cities, Illinois. The Quad Cities is a community of five medium-sized cities and several small towns. Together our population is about 400,000. Within a realistic driving range (20 minutes) of our church is a population of about 300,000. Most of these are either un-churched or loosely affiliated with a non-evangelical church.

Our church is a gospel-centered church committed to preaching, teaching, and living the gospel. Our congregation averages approximately 475 in weekly attendance, with 25-35 students on Wednesday evenings. There is plenty of room for growth in the youth ministry from within our congregation, not to mention the surrounding community. Our church growth is multi-generational but most heavily in young families with children, ensuring a vibrant future for youth ministry! The right candidate will appreciate the foundation that has been laid with a solid core group of volunteers and students, and an approved youth ministry budget. But he will also be a dynamic leader who brings new ideas and strategies to grow the ministry.

One of the most important attributes from a staff perspective is teamwork. Our staff works together closely and crosses “lanes” routinely in order to ensure success.

From a ministry perspective, the most important attribute is love for Jesus that translates to love for students. We are seeking someone who is willing to invest relationally in the lives of teenagers and work closely with parents to help them navigate this challenging and rewarding season of life!

Our staff loves one another and works very well as a team. We’re committed to seeing the vision of Wildwood Church come to fruition. Our vision (a description of who we will be) is, “Wildwood is a church led by biblical elders, where membership is meaningful, that transforms families, and impacts the community.” Each ministry of the church supports this vision and works to achieve it. The right candidate will understand and support this vision and be eager to contribute to it’s fulfillment.

Bachelor’s degree(+) is preferred.

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Wildwood Church Staff Descriptions


Reports To: Senior Pastor

Principle Function
The Youth Ministry Director / Pastor is responsible to plan, administer, coordinate, supervise and evaluate a comprehensive ministry for Youth and College Students.

Specific List of Responsibilities
1. Directly minister to Middle School and High School Youth (grades 6-12), to include selection, training and supervision of sponsors.
a. Duties:
• Teach Wednesday evening bible studies that engage students and point them to Jesus.
• Build discipling relationships with students.
• Partner with parents and provide feedback about their students when appropriate.
• Plan, execute, and supervise activities and events for students designed to encourage students to invite outside friends.
b. Conditions:
• Utilize Wednesday evening gatherings as the main effort for ministry with the youth group.
• Build on the foundation left with small groups, but don’t be afraid to develop something new.
• Adhere to Wildwood Church’s policies and procedures in developing appropriate relationships with students.

2. General oversight of college/career singles programs, emphasizing the transition and assimilation of high school youth into adult ministries.

3. Develop community/world mission-related involvement by youth.

4. Share in general pastoral duties.

5. Other general responsibilities:
a. Cooperate with the Senior Pastor, Elders, and other staff members in promoting the entire ministry plan of Wildwood Church in keeping with the church constitution.
b. Be available for counseling of church and non-church members as needs arise.
c. Utilize the services of the secretarial and facilities staff, which are consistent with their Position Descriptions.
d. Supply articles on a periodical basis for use in Wildwood Church publications relating to your responsible area of ministry.
e. Give full support to the General Operating Budget of Wildwood Church and avoid soliciting or expending funds not previously authorized. f. Serve as an effective staff liaison to assigned Ministry Teams and/or Standing Committees.

6. Basic personal responsibilities:
a. Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, and various other spiritual disciplines.
b. Maintain proper priorities in your home and be the spiritual leader to your wife and children, if married.
c. Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.

7. Perform other duties and assignments as requested by the Senior Pastor.

Title: If the candidate selected is already ordained by a like-minded church/denomination, this person will be called a “pastor.” If the candidate is not ordained by a like-minded church/denomination, this person will be called a “director.” In the latter case, the candidate may choose to pursue ordination through the Conservative Baptist Association at a later time, provided the elders believe he is qualified to do so.


Organization name:
Wildwood Church

Conservative Baptist America


18717 Hubbard Road, East Moline, IL 61244


Date Posted:
December 1, 2018

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