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Youth Ministry Associate

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Kyle Bartholic at:

Youth Ministry Associate


To help the youth ministry grow and realize it’s disciple-making calling, by leading strong teams of leaders and building relationships of influence with students and parents.


Team Members:

Pastor of Student Ministries (PSM), Student Ministries Administrative Assistant, Worship Associate.



45-50 hours per week



TBD, proportionate with experience, education, and capabilities.




  • A growing believer with a vibrant, consistent dependency on Jesus Christ.
  • A reputation of expressing Biblically-defined, ethical standards.



  • BA or BS undergraduate degree or proportionate ministry experience.
  • Agreement/alignment with EFCA doctrinal statement, and CCC’s philosophy of ministry and by-laws.


Skill Sets

  • One who loves and relates well to students and adults.
  • Someone possessing strong organizational skills and effective speaking skills.
  • One who enjoys teamwork and can lead teams, but who also takes personal initiative.
  • A person who is proven in the area of equipping others for ministry.
  • Able to handle the Scriptures effectively in a ministry setting.
  • Proven ministry experience in working with students.
  • Ability to minister to a culturally diverse group of students.


Primary Responsibilities

On a weekly basis, this person will be primarily responsible for coaching and directing the connect groups (in-home small groups) portion of student ministries. This position will include shared responsibility at large group gatherings (MS- FUSION & HS- FUEL) and Sunday morning gatherings (HS & MS CORE).


  1. Connection Groups – CG’s are the primary delivery system for student care and discipleship. Care for Connection Groups will be this positions most primary This will require someone who is organized, a self-starter, and relationally driven.
    1. Responsibilities include:
      1. Resource and support leaders for an effective small group ministry (6th-12th grade).
        1. This will require regular communication, prayer, encouragement, and personal development of leaders.
      2. Track student attendance and help students assimilate into a group.
  • Collaborate and communicate with PSM and youth min support staff to make sure CG’s are “in sync” with the strategy and mission of CCC.
  1. Create promotional materials and methods to help students and parents be aware of (purpose & importance of CG) and connect into a CG.
  2. Be “the buck stops here” point for complex and difficult small group issues.
  1. Open Groups – Working with the PSM and a team of volunteers, coordinate, and provide leadership for regular groups (mid-week & Sunday morning) designed to include new students.
  2. AdministrationWork with the PSM to recruit, train, coordinate, and support volunteers to do student ministry. Work together to manage monetary and facility resources for student ministries at CCC; develop and initiate effective communication necessary for the ministry; develop and regularly revise goals for the ministry.
  3. Trips and Retreats – A weekend away with students is worth a whole school year of ministry.
    1. Help to lead effective trips, retreats, and events for MS & HS.
    2. A yearly plan of what trips, retreats, and events this person will attend will be worked out based on schedule and giftings. It is not assumed this person will be on every trip, retreat, or event.
  4. Family Resource – Serve as a support and resource for parents as they seek to disciple their MS & HS students.


Secondary Responsibilities


  1. Mobilization (assist with) – Work with volunteer youth leaders to develop and refine a ministry attractive to spiritually sensitive non-Christians, Christians, and ministry level students. In other words, this ministry should include intentional discipleship, ministry training, and peer evangelism.
  2. Counseling and Mentoring – Assist the Pastor of Student Ministries in providing counsel and expertise to area churches desiring to launch or enhance their ministry to students. Work with area and district evangelical youth workers, if possible, to create a strategy to reach and disciple students.
  3. Pursue and become a member of the Christ Community Church and credentialing in the EFCA in a timely manner.


Responsible for:

This person should eagerly and humbly learn ministry skills.  Responsibilities will increase as he proves his competence in each ministry skill.  He should be initially responsible for:

  • Maintaining a personal walk with God.
  • Developing positive relationships with students and their parents.
  • Fulfilling weekly, monthly, and yearly ministry tasks.
  • Learning the church/ youth culture and working in alignment with the mission and direction of CCC.


Responsible to:

  1. The Pastor of Student Ministries
  2. Executive Pastor
  3. Lead Pastor


Organization name:
Christ Community Church

Evangelical Free Church of America


5501 George Washington Carver Ave. Ames, IA 50010


Date Posted:
May 17, 2018

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