Youth Minister

Maguire Baptist in Noble, OK is looking for a part-time Youth Minister to lead & direct our youth ministry with a heart for 6th – 12th grade students.  We are a small country church looking to grow our congregation and youth group.

  1. Responsibilities/Duties
    1. Give direction to and oversee the youth ministry.
      • Identify the needs and interests of teens within the church and community
      • Plan and develop programs for the youth ministry
      • Provide counseling and spiritual direction to teens on an individual basis
      • Participate in outreach ministry to teens who have visited the church: visits, letters, etc. (when available)
      • Lead midweek Bible study for teens
      • Plan at least one yearly youth retreat for the purpose of spiritual edification
      • Visit teens who are hospitalized
      • Develop the youth ministry budget with help of Youth Ministry Committee and track expenditures throughout the year
      • Compile a youth directory, have copies made and distributed to teens and youth workers, as needed
      • Take/pass “” curriculum
      • Meet with pastor at least bi-annually
      • Attend Business meetings and counsel meeting when announced to provide youth updates including activities/events
      • Develop plan/process to be present at youth places to minister and fellowship with youth; to include attending youth school events

Send resumes to



Organization name:
Maguire Baptist Church



9801 E Maguire Rd. Noble, OK 73072


Date Posted:
July 18, 2021

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