Youth Minister

St. John’s Youth Ministry Program
The Youth Ministry Program at St. John’s resides at the heart of our parish church and serves youth
in grades 6 through 12 in a relationship-based ministry that involves worship, service, giving, loving,
learning, and praying. The staff for this program consists of one full time position as well as clergy
support for youth ministry activities. This position also has access to other shared staff positions to
help with communication, financial transactions, and food preparation. Additionally, this program involves a team of over 30 volunteers who work to meet the needs of the many youth who participate in our youth program.

The first element of our youth program is the sense of community and Christian fellowship created
in our weekly Jr. High and Sr. High EYC meetings, retreats, and special events. While much of this time together is spent in fun and laughter, a nurturing environment also exists in which our youth learn to share and express the love of Christ to one another. St. John’s extend our Christian fellowship to any youth, regardless of their denomination, so that all who come may feel welcome and see Christ in action.

The second element of our youth program is the spiritual development of the individual through
worship, service, and education. Our youth serve St. John’s as acolytes, chalice bearers, members of the choir and bell choir, and as delegates to the diocesan convention. Through these activities, our youth have the opportunity to experience God’s call and love in their own lives.

The final element of our youth program is the service and mission work that our youth do locally,
nationally, and even internationally. From our local soup kitchen and Room in the Inn program, to
national mission trips to disaster-stricken communities, to our sister parish in Costa Rica, and to schools in Tanzania our youth perform Christian service and mission work as the hands and feet of Christ.

Position Description
Reporting directly to the Rector, while working under the guidance and coaching of the Sr. Associate for Family Ministries, the Youth Minister will develop and lead all aspects of the youth ministry program at St. John’s, including, but not limited to:
• Spending dedicated time in worship at St. John’s and actively participating in the community.
• Recruiting, equipping, and supporting a team of adult youth advisors and teachers to implement components of the youth program.
• Working collaboratively with the youth, staff, clergy, and volunteers to develop, schedule, and implement, creative and engaging content, programs, and events that comprise the youth ministry program. The goal of this content is to help youth develop their relationship with Jesus Christ, with the parish, and with their peers. This programming includes youth Sunday School classes, youth group meetings and events, Confirmation classes, worship and prayer life, mission trips, retreats, service opportunities, pilgrimages, fundraisers, and more.
• Building and maintaining faith-based relationships with the youth, their families, and youth
ministry volunteers to strengthen both the youth community and the parish community.
• Upholding policies and practices to maintain a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe
environment for the youth and the youth ministry team.
• Facilitate and help manage communications between the youth ministry program and the youth, parents, Parish, and volunteers, including a social media presence.
• Coordinating with other church ministries and staff (Children’s Education, Music, Scouting, VBS, Acolyte Corps, etc.) to facilitate their programs, minimize duplication, and encourage youth participation.
• Maintain, track, and update budget, expenses, and other financial transactions.
• Work Collaboratively with other staff in the areas of food preparation, event set-up and clean-up, financial record keeping, communication, and scheduling.
• Developing ministry relationships within the Diocese of North Carolina and the Episcopal Church.
• A loving, nurturing, relationship-oriented person to whom our youth will look to for guidance and encouragement.
• Someone who has a heart to seek out the shy or struggling youth to help them fit in while working to develop leadership in the youth who are ready to develop those skills.
• Has the pastoral capacity to help all of our youth develop a deeper relationship with God.
• Is comfortable delegating tasks and managing volunteers.
• Is creative, adaptable, able to manage change, and works to seek input from youth.
• Is organized, a good communicator, and a capable administrator

• Strong personal Christian character, Biblical literacy, a devotion to grow in faith, and an active worship life.
• An understanding of the traditions and practices of the Episcopal Church.
• Interest, knowledge and understanding of Generation Z, youth culture, and adolescent development.
• Experience in youth pastoral care.
• Gifts and interest in relationship building; strong communication skills with students and adults.
• Ability to pay attention to detail and follow through independently and creatively.
• Strong organizational and administrative skills.
• Ability to manage change, be adaptive, and creative.
• Basic computer literacy including a familiarity with Microsoft products.
• Knowledge and experience with social media, marketing, database/mass communication tools.
• A bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to youth ministry.
• At least two years of youth ministry experience in a paid or volunteer capacity.
• Ability to travel, work, and physically participate in a variety of settings/locations and flexibility to work evenings/weekends.
• A valid driver’s license, and willing to submit to full background check prior to employment.
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to:
The Rev. Peter M. Floyd at:


Organization name:
St. John's Episcopal Church (Charlotte, NC)

Episcopal Church


1623 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC


Date Posted:
June 2, 2021

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