Youth Leader

Purpose: To help lead community youth in getting to know and follow Jesus.

Member of: LifeBridge Staff

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Select, in coordination with the Pastor, appropriate curriculum for the ages.
2. Recruit, train, and coordinate workers for LifeBridge Youth Ministry education and events.
3. Collect & maintain background check information for Youth Ministry staff and volunteers.
4. Be actively involved in leading the Youth by teaching classes weekly and/or provide support to volunteers.
5. Maintain an accurate record of youth’s contact information, medical information, and attendance.
6. Inventory/purchase of supplies and completion of necessary reimbursement forms.
7. ProvideawrittenreporttotheBoardquarterly,whichshallincludeattendanceandactivities.
8. Keep parents informed of program activities.
9. Oversee and coordinate annual programs including, but not limited to, retreats and lock-ins.
10.Exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by a well-groomed appearance, appropriate attire, a conscientious work ethic, and ability to work within a variety of settings with flexibility.
11.Be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality.
12.Exercise discernment and wise judgement.
13.Be a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects.
14.Maintain personal spiritual development through Bible reading, prayer, and Christian community.
15.Plan and facilitate, in conjunction with any LifeBridge Outreach Team, outreach activities (5th Quarters, Youth in the Park, etc.).
16.Actively engage community partners with other youth groups in the Sealy area.
17.Maintain an active online presence on the youth group social media platforms (Instagram and Snapchat, primarily).
18.Attend community activities that youth are involved in (e.g., sporting events, plays, concerts, etc.).
19.Work with the other LifeBridge staff for prayer, spiritual development, and coordination of LifeBridge activities. 20.Facilitate the carrying out of LifeBridge’s Mission Statement in the area of youth.

Other duties as assigned.

1. Pay shall initially be $225/week, to be revisited as needed.
2. Duringthecourseofamonth,hoursshallnotexceedanaverageof20hours/week.

Initially there will be a trial period of three (3) months. Following this period, contracts shall be normally be for one year periods.

The youth leader is responsible to the LifeBridge Board of Directors and reports to the Pastor.page1image62171648

Those interested should forward their desires and current qualifications to the LifeBridge Board of Directors


Organization name:
Lifebridge Sealy

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


2162 FM 2187 Sealy, TX 77474


Date Posted:
November 10, 2019

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