Youth & Family Pastor

Jacob’s Well Community Church is hiring a Youth & Family Pastor.

To apply, please send an email to with your:

Additional details:

Responsibilities to Children, Youth, Families, and Volunteers:

Enact and establish Jacob’s Well Community Church’s vision to be a people growing into Christ’s likeness for the sake of our community and the world in our ministries to and with children, youth, and families.

Work with current volunteers, develop, equip, and encourage a core group of leading volunteers to support the vision of Jacob’s Well Community Church in our ministries to and with children, youth, and families.

Oversee all programming and ministry for children ages birth-12th grade, which currently consists of Sunday mornings, summer programming (e.g., Creation Camp), and special events (e.g., Joy Days, Christmas Program).

Create environments, activities, and programming for each age group that will facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth.

Build relationships with children, youth, and families in the Jacob’s Well community both within and outside of church events.

Provide Church/home communication about lessons taught (such as a take home sheet or weekly email and/or updated social media platforms so parents can talk to their kids about what they are learning).

Assist parents/grandparents/guardians as primary pastors to their children; envision and enact ways of extending the church’s ministry into the lives of families as support to parents/grandparents/guardians.

Attend quarterly Leadership Team meetings, contribute to decision making processes, and provide updates on developments within children’s and youth ministry. Carefully plan and manage the children’s and youth ministry budget. Be willing and able to preach on Sunday mornings (frequency TBD).


Relationally oriented with a sense of calling to ministry to children, youth, and families.

Team player who values collaboration over competition, humility over hubris, and joyful participation over exacting execution.

Working knowledge of Scripture, theology, and Christian spirituality.

Willingness to say, “I don’t know, let me find out more” or make referrals when ministry demands go beyond her or his training/ability/competency.

Capable of working with people of all ages, including teaching, mentoring, and discipling.

High standards for safety, timeliness, organization, and creativity in ministry.

Values growth of whole persons (heart, soul, mind, body, cf. Mark 12.30-31) in discipleship over a “decision-for-Christ” oriented ministry or outreach.


Commitment to a growing relationship with the living and Triune God through regular Christian practices, both personal and communal.

A person of Christian integrity, demonstrating and cultivating the fruit of the Spirit, committed to the way of Jesus, and full of the love of God and neighbor.

A person of prayer and peace who is committed to loving and serving our community in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Relatable to people of all ages and abilities.

Able to work alone and on a team; willing to “go together to go far” instead of “going alone to go fast.”

Interested in growing in leadership competencies and cultivating gifts beyond current competencies.

Training & Experience: 

Formal training in ministry, theology, or biblical studies is clearly helpful, but not a guarantor of success in this position. And it might be hypocritical to want to integrate young people into the life of our whole church and not consider candidates who might be considered young themselves.

Therefore, we don’t expect many years of experience leading ministry to be necessary for a successful candidate. Have you been the lead volunteer in kids ministry or youth ministry for a number of years? You might have all the experience you need.

The successful candidate will love Christ and the Church, and have experience: reflecting theologically and systematically on children’s, youth, and family ministry, helping young people to take up their part of the ministry of the church, walking with young people and families through the life of faith.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in ministry, theology, biblical studies, teaching, or child development is preferred but not required. At least three years volunteering at a high level of responsibility in children’s or youth ministry is required; at least two years of staff-level ministry experience is preferred.

We are a small church of just over 100 regular attenders, with a normal Sunday morning attendance of 75. But we’re poised to grow in two important ways: in depth of formation and in capacity of outreach.

Position Details & Compensation:

  • Full-time (40-45 hours/week) with a gross annual salary to be determined, commensurate with education and experience.
  • Housing allowance and Retirement Contributions (contingent upon credentialing with Fellowship of Evangelical Churches).
  • Vacation Days and Holidays per employee handbook.


Organization name:
Jacob's Well Community Church



304 Jersey Ave, Normal, IL 61761


Date Posted:
July 16, 2021

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