Youth Director- Middle School and High School Ministries

Youth Director

Columbia Presbyterian Church


Job Description


Purpose – The Youth Director at Columbia will provide opportunities and guidance to our youth to help create life-long disciples of Jesus Christ always considering our Youth Ministry guiding principle of  L.I.F.E.R.S.  (Creating life-long disciples, Intentional planning, Family centered, Equipping our youth and families, forming and facilitating meaningful Relationships, and Service)

Accountability – This position will report to the Associate Pastor for Youth and Family Ministry in conjunction with the Youth Ministry Team, the Personnel Ministry Team and the Session.

Time – The Position is 40 hours a week. It is an exempt and salaried position.

Responsibilities –

    • Regularly meet with Associate Pastor for Youth and Family Ministries
    • Event champion and lead person on all Middle School/High School events and Middle School and High School Sunday School
    • Directly Provide and oversee pastoral care issues related to Middle School/High School students and their parents/families
    • Shared program leadership with Associate Pastor for both Middle School and High School
    • Regular contact work with students
    • Retreats and Calendar Planning
    • Recruit and Equip Leadership for Middle School Ministries (Adults and Core Leaders) and High School Ministries (Adults)
    • Participate in Sunday Worship at Columbia Presbyterian Church
    • Full participation in program staff meetings
    • Participation in monthly Youth Ministry Team meetings
    • Oversight over our Annual Work Camp Auction
    • Lead our annual Summer Internship for High School and College Students
    • Manage the budget for Youth Ministries in cooperation with the Youth Ministries Team


Minimum Requirements-

  • College Diploma from an Accredited University
  • A deep love for Jesus and for students
  • Previous youth ministry experience with students (preferred 2-3+ years)
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work well with other colleagues in a multi-staff and team based environment
  • Good conflict resolution skills
  • Ability to engage in long term planning
  • Ideal candidate would have some abilities in several of these areas:
    • Technology and Social Media
    • Musical Gifts for Worship
    • Capacity for and interest in theological reflection
    • Biblically based teaching that is relevant and engaging
    • An active and healthy prayer life
    • Leadership of games and activities


The Church-

            Columbia Presbyterian Church is a vibrant congregation that has been a solid example of Christ’s witness in its community since the 1950’s. While we are a blended church in terms of age and tradition, we are on the cutting edge of student ministry. We have developed new approaches to youth ministry that are currently leading national conversations about the future of student ministry across the United States. In short, we are a blend of the traditional and the innovative. We are not a flashy church, but what we do, we do well. We are biblically centered and Christ centered and while we have remained in the PCUSA denomination, we represent a center right church theologically. Columbia is orthodox, passionate for Christ, but unwilling to settle for simple answers to any question. We are highly reflective. Our youth ministry is vibrant and well supported financially and in terms of leadership. It is a spectacular place to worship and call home and is a very healthy staff. It is also a community that has a long history of caring for its ministers well.


The Community-

            The Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon metro area is one of the most popular places to live in the country with mountains, rivers, and lakes galore. It is a wonderful place for people who like the outdoors and a small/medium sized metro area. The urban and the wild are 15 minutes in either direction. The climate, though rainy and often grey in some seasons, has wonderful fall seasons, mild winters, and superb summers. There are great schools in the area and it is a wonderful place to call home.



            The salary range starts at 45-60k and may be higher depending on experience. There is generous vacation and study leave time. There are also generous professional expense applications and some funding for study leave. There are also medical benefits and the possibility of a package of other benefits depending on experience and years served. Anyone inquiring about the position can ask about these other benefits.



Underpinning all of these responsibilities is the Youth Director’s need to engage in self-care.  This would include:


-Tending to your relationship with Jesus

-Tending to your family

-Taking adequate time for personal rest and reflection so that you are ministering from abundance

-Taking time for professional study leave for the sake of professional and spiritual growth



Interested Candidates should contact:

Matt Overton- Associate Pastor for Youth and Families



Organization name:
Columbia Presbyterian Church, The Columbia Future Forge

Presbyterian Church USA


8715 St. Helens Ave. Vancouver, Wa.


Date Posted:
August 4, 2019

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