Youth Director

Director of Youth Ministries (non-ordained)
Position Description:
Providence Presbyterian Church has had an ongoing and active ministry to youth and their families and is seeking a person to continue and grow this ministry in creative and Christ-centered ways. The Director of Youth Ministries would be responsible for our ministry to youth from 6th to 12th grades, nurturing their spiritual development, fellowship, worship, service and mission.
This full-time position involves coordinating and developing a multi-dimensional ministry with our youth in church and community. A relational style of ministry is preferred as this person will be working alongside youth, their families, adult advisors, teachers and leaders. PPC is looking for a person who will provide friendship, encouragement, counsel, leadership and support to youth and their families. A deep and lived faith in Christ and the ability to communicate the joys and challenges of such faith is imperative.
It is REQUIRED that you have a whole lot of fun with this…be creative, be flexible, try new things, enjoy the youth and their families, and, did we mention: Have fun!
Qualifications and Responsibilities:

10140 Providence Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277-9722 (704) 846-1079


Organization name:
Providence Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church USA


10140 Providence Church Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277


Date Posted:
August 2, 2021

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