youth director

Job requirements & skills:

*must have a strong caring and passion for youth

*must have leadership ability

*must have the ability and skills to lead youth into deeper levels of spiritual formation

*must exemplify a Christian way of life and a relationship with Jesus Christ

*must be able to work as a team with the entire staff on church-wide ministry projects


Please contact the church office

*must have good organizational and communication skills

*must be able to develop relationships of trust and confidence with members of the congregation

*must be able to adhere to and maintain confidentiality

*must attend staff meetings and work with the larger church staff on church-wide ministry projects

Job responsibilities and duties:

*attend Sunday worship

*develop all encompassing vision for the youth ministry

*develop long range purpose and plan for weekly high school programs and oversee middle school programs

*create environment conducive to the development of student leadership

*connect and invest time with students through fellowship during youth ministry programs

*provide support and resources for students, parents, and their families extending from normal life situations to crisis

*develop relationships with parents and the entire family

*provide leadership training and team building opportunties for volunteer leaders

*recruit and build a team of volunteer leaders

*plan, coordinate, lead, and/or support regular weekly youth programs

*plan and execute special events for the youth ministry including retreats, mission trips, and worship services

*develop and manage youth ministry’s annual budget



Organization name:
Newnan First United Methodist

United Methodist Church


33 Greenville Street Newnan


Date Posted:
March 9, 2021

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