Youth Director

Title: Youth Director of Family3 Ministries (YDF3M)
(Family3= Home(1), Church(2) & World(3) families.)

Reports to: Director of Family3 Ministries (DF3M)

Summary of Position: Know Jesus & Make Jesus Known

The Youth Director of Family3 Ministries is an advocate for cross-generational ministry within St. John but will focus on the faith formation of the youth (6th – 12th graders).  Carrying out various ministry activities and events which build a means for modeling and teaching what it is to be a follower of Jesus, she or he will be a support to parents & grandparents who are in the greatest position to influence and nurture such faith.

The Bottom Line: The YDF3M serves St. John by nurturing youth community, servant-leadership & discipleship making.

Outcomes we are praying & looking for:

That the reflection of Christ will be seen in young people by their weekly worship, knowledge of & devotion to His word, consistent fellowship / Bible Study, and regular acts of service done in love.

 By God’s Spirit, the YDF3M will help the office of Family3 Ministries be a catalyst for relational and engaging ministries for children, youth, young adults, parents & grandparents.

 He/ She will meet weekly with the DFM, church staff and relevant volunteer groups, to help carrying-out various ministry happenings as well as assess needs and progress.

 She/he will help create and establish daily, weekly, monthly and annual practices that elevate faith dialog & spiritual habits within students & their parents.

 Assist in maintaining needed records, registrations, accounting, filing, data etc. as it pertains to Youth Ministries as well as become proficient in utilizing our data program St. John Connect and other administrative technologies and needs as it pertains to more effective management and communication practices.

 A love & commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His church along with an understanding and respect for the Lutheran (NALC/LCMC) teachings of the Christian faith.

 Will model Christ-like discipleship in one’s life of, worship, Bible study, prayer, & service.

 A commitment to Christian Education & discipleship for children, youth & families.

 An outreaching and approachable personality with strong leadership and organizational skills.

 A commitment to work closely with the DF3M, church staff and St. John members as together we seek to develop ministries, implement plans, coordinate activities and contribute toward existing mission and ministry projects and initiatives: A commitment to be a “TEAM” player!

 Preferably is a college graduate with a calling into full time youth ministry.

 To become a member of St. John & to be actively engaged with the Boerne community.

Required: A full background check and be in compliance with St. John’s policies and procedures which include Ministry Safe training and testing.


Heart Required: One that loves the LORD and desires to serve Him! Also, a heart that is patient, kind and loves working with students, their families as well as all ages within a congregational setting.

Skills Required: Good student & adult communication abilities; organized, reliable, self-aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as practiced in healthy boundary setting and work-life balance; proficient in computer use, but more proficient in listening and persistent serving.

The Youth Director of Family3 Ministries works closely with and is accountable to the Director of Family3 Ministries. He/she meets weekly for ministry planning and ministry supervision. He/she monthly reports to the Family3 Committee.

Full Time Position: Salaried with Benefits as listed in the St. John Lutheran Staff Handbook
This job description will be reviewed at least annually.

Contact / Send Resume To: Matt Olson ; snail mail St. John Lutheran Church
315 Rosewood, Boerne TX 78006; website:; phone number (830) 249-3651
Goal Starting Time: spring or summer 2021


Organization name:
St John Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church


315 Rosewood Ave


Date Posted:
February 8, 2021

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